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TD BannerTekh Decoded is a online magazine focused on Technology. We mainly cover all the important news and happenings in the Tech World. We are a passionate team of 6+ peoples who are extreme geeks and love Blogging! Tekh Decoded is managed and Directed by Judhajeet Das (CEO) and Animesh Singh(Administrator) with a vision of supplying quality articles and gaining trust from our beloved readers. Our aim is not to be one of those top blogs which even supply fake articles for gaining more views on them. Our aim is to also to surpass blogs that generate fake news to draw views by offering our readers quality and reliable content.

Tekh Decoded (TD) is registered under InMyPlanet Networks. Which is a newbie website network and growing. InMyPlanet is Founded by Animesh Singh and Co-Founded by Judhajeet Das. Tekh Decoded is thus a very vital part of our website networks as it has more viewers.

We keep a vision and will to grow InMyPlanet and Tekh Decoded into a huge Blog and set another level of quality in articles. We even keep vision on changing the way Tech news articles are produced and also the way it is presented. Stay with us and support us!


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