LEAKED: Apple A11 Chipset Real Pictures surfaces Online!

Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone 8 is in the rumour mill from a long time now and must be leading the chart actually! Their have been enormous leaks and rumours about the handset and it just doesn’t stop! So, now.. We have the Apple A11 chip leaked too, which is said to be used in iPhone 8! Interesting!

Earlier this year, we had rumours saying the production A11 chips have started and finally, we can see the first images that surfaced few minutes back. Much thanks to /Leaks for the images!

The A11 chip is also expected to be included in the iPhone 7s spec bump phones, which will seemingly use the same chassis design as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, although this is not universally supported by the rumors.

Apple A11

As usual, Apple has designed the A11 layout to its proprietary custom specification and then relies on a third party to fabricate the components. Most benchmarks show Apple’s custom CPU designs as the best in the smartphone industry as far as performance is concerned.

Digitimes acknowledges that there were some production issues but notes these issues have now been resolved.

The reports even say, Variants of the Apple A11 chip may also appear in Apple’s upcoming iPad revisions. The company is expected to debut a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro and a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at some point in the year. It is also possible that if these iPads launch sooner rather than later, that they use an ‘A10X’ chip or similar instead. Oh Yeah!

We will keep you updated with anymore news regarding the Apple family! Well.. we guess you’ll get to know another one shortly as I said earlier, Apple is currently leading the leaks chart, haha!


Source- SlashLeaks

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