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  • Aug- 2020 -
    28 August
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    7 New GPS Devices to Head on Your Next Road Trip

    There’s no secret that today’s smartphones are full of Google Maps, but they can merely walk the streets. When heading for a long-distance road trip, you’ll need a dedicated GPS device to reach your destination safely. With GPS gadget in your car, you’ll never get lost on your road trip, even when your Google Maps stops operating. Many companies have come to your aid and built various GPS devices, which will guide you even in remote areas. They’ll help you to reach your destination safely and also render information about changing traffic on your way. So, scroll down to know…

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  • 27 August

    Asus finally launched the Zenfone 7 series after more than a year and even improved the flip cam

    The flip camera on the Zenfone 6 was what made it stand out of the crowd. Now, it’s even revamped with better, more powerful cameras, and an even stronger flip motor. The Zenfone 6 was the most underrated phone of 2019, and now all eyes are on the Zenfone 7 series. So without further ado, lets dig into the specs of the Zenfone 7 series… Zenfone 7 Cameras: As stated earlier, the main selling point of the Zenfone series are it’s cameras. The flip camera mechanism makes the phone even more thrilling as this camera mechanism is great for bloggers.…

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  • 17 August

    Mobile Photography: 10 Pro Tips to take best Photo

    Mobile or smartphone is a constant companion of a human being. It is in itself a gem which can help you to connect with the web or keep a constant connection with the outside world. You can almost take your mobile phone anywhere and can click digital photographs on your mobile. Mobile cameras have now become marvellous with ameliorated photo resolution and the addition of multi-dimensional lenses. Now you do not need to worry about your camera roll as the whole process is digital and phones are available with larger storage spaces. There are ultra-slick models and modern features associated…

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  • 12 August

    Apple A14 Bionic is set to destroy the competition, even dwarfing their previous chip A13 Bionic

    Apple’s latest chip built on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(TSMC’s) 5nm node has given the A14 Bionic a significant boost in performance on both the CPU as well as GPU side. Taking a look at the A13 Bionic, even Qualcomm’s best chipset currently available, the Snapdragon 865+ is dwarfed by the A13 Bionic. The Snapdragon 865+ has 10% better performance than the 865, but it’s nothing compared to the A13 Bionic, let alone the A14 Bionic. A14 Bionic will be on TSMC’s 5nm process node TSMC’s latest, and highly energy efficient 5nm process node has made huge leaps in performance as…

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  • 5 August
    Tips to become Youtube Subscribers Quickly

    7 Best Tips to boost your YouTube subscribers base for 2020

    Did you know, a total of 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube, a sum of 3000 hours of videos are uploaded every minute and about 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube? Yupp! That’s true. In any case, with such high popularity, comes high rivalry. With such widespread fame, it turns out to be extremely difficult for content makers to compete and stand out. So what’s the method to stand out with such an enormous number of competitors? Try not to stress! This article is totally for you. Tips to become Youtube Subscribers Quickly It’s an ideal opportunity to help…

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