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  • Jul- 2021 -
    23 July

    Two-dimensional digital game development for Android architecture

    Let’s remember that Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel and other open source software. It allows users to install games on their mobile devices. Video games are one of the most important industries at the moment, with some industrial titles selling for tens of millions, and with revenues and profits higher than those of the cinema and the TV. However, video games on Android phones are in great demand because many users download games to spend their hobbies. How are the digital games developed? In order to have a well-developed project such as video games, they…

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  • 23 July

    Security Analysis and tools on the Android platform

    Today, mobile devices are a common element in people’s daily lives. With the massive use of mobile devices, both in the personal and at work, organizations are beginning to consider more carefully the event and the potential security problems that affect them. The security problems to which these devices are exposed are similar to those that a computer is exposed to, but they are aggravated since they have a greater exposure as their community of users is wider, which uses them both in the workplace and in personal life concurrently. As you already know, Android is the most dominant OS…

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  • 14 July

    Increased Cell Phone Data Use Is Negatively Affecting Wi-Fi Performance

    Lead Image: Wi-Fi utilizes a spectrum that is “unlicensed,” which can be utilized by any device or network that follows FCC transmission rules. In recent years, cellular providers have also begun using this spectrum. University of Chicago researchers find competition between networks decreases performance. If service becomes slow when you’re trying to send a quick email on your smartphone, you might scroll through your network options and discover how many Wi-Fi networks there are. In fact, this plethora of options is itself the problem. These networks are in competition with one another, limiting the speed at which each can operate.…

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  • 14 July

    China wants to launch asteroid-deflecting rockets to save Earth from Armageddon

    Chinese scientists are planning to fire more than 20 rockets into space to divert an asteroid impact that has a small chance of one day ending life on Earth. Their target is an asteroid named Bennu, a 85.5-million-ton (77.5 million metric ton) space rock that is on track to swoop within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million kilometers) of Earth’s orbit between 2175 and 2199. Although Bennu’s chances of striking Earth are slim — at just 1 in 2,700 — the asteroid is as wide as the Empire State Building is tall, meaning that any collision with the Earth would be…

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  • 4 July

    UAE’s Hope Mars orbiter spots elusive aurora on Red Planet

    Featured image: An artist’s depiction of the discrete aurora on Mars. (Image credit: Emirates Mars Mission) The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Hope Mars mission made its first major finding just a couple months after arriving at the Red Planet when it snagged unprecedented observations of a tricky aurora. Also known as the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM), Hope is designed to study Mars’ atmosphere across all its layers and at a global scale throughout the course of the year. But the new finding is outside that main science purview and occurred even before the probe’s formal science mission had begun, when…

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