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  • Nov- 2023 -
    28 November

    HomeHealth News Spike in Child Mental Health Emergencies During Second Year of COVID Pandemic

    Lead Image: A Harvard Medical School study found a sharp increase in U.S. youth visiting emergency departments for mental health crises during COVID-19’s second year. The study highlights the urgent need for improved mental health resources and policies, especially as adolescent girls face a higher risk of severe mental health issues like self-harm and suicide attempts. A surge in girls’ visits drove the trend, fueling longer waits for inpatient care. During the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant rise in the number of young Americans seeking emergency hospital care for mental health crises. This was revealed…

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  • 28 November

    Brain Imaging Redefined: NexGen 7T MRI Achieves 10x Better Resolution

    Lead Image: The NexGen 7T MRI scanner marks a breakthrough in brain imaging, providing unprecedented resolution that could transform neuroscience research and the diagnosis of brain disorders. Funded by the BRAIN Initiative, this technology enables detailed imaging of brain circuitry and could lead to significant advancements in understanding mental and neurological disorders. Higher resolution will allow neuroscientists to more precisely localize and trace brain networks. An intense international effort to improve the resolution of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for studying the human brain has culminated in an ultra-high resolution 7 Tesla scanner that records up to 10 times more detail…

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  • 26 November

    Revolution in Organic Synthesis: Scientists Revive Century-Old Technique

    Lead Image: Chemists have resurrected the Barbier method using mechanochemistry, replacing hazardous solvents with a solvent-free approach. This advancement promises safer and more sustainable manufacturing, particularly in pharmaceuticals. Organic synthesis is the art of creating molecules, where chemists craft molecules essential for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and high-tech gadget materials, including those in smartphones. Think of it as playing with LEGO at a microscopic level – chemists connect simple building blocks to create complex molecules, just like snapping together LEGO bricks to make intricate structures. One crucial step in this puzzle is creating a bond between two carbon atoms. Like LEGO bricks…

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  • 26 November

    The Search for Alien Life: Scientists Develop Method of Identifying Life on Other Worlds With 90% Accuracy

    Lead Image: A team of U.S. scientists has developed an AI-based system capable of detecting signs of life with 90% accuracy. This system can distinguish between biological and abiotic materials. It holds significant implications for understanding life’s origins on Earth and Mars and detecting extraterrestrial life, potentially transforming astrobiology. The system demonstrates 90% accuracy in distinguishing between biological and non-biological samples. Humankind is looking for life on other planets, but how will we recognize it when we see it? Now a team of scientists in the United States has created an artificial intelligence system capable of identifying signs of life…

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  • 24 November

    Simulating the Cosmos: Is a Miniature Universe Possible?

    Lead Image: The journey to simulate the universe, as exemplified by Michael Wagman’s work, highlights both the historical evolution and the contemporary challenges in this field. While full simulation is out of reach, advancements in computing and algorithms are gradually enhancing our understanding of cosmic phenomena. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a computer answer all of the biggest questions in the universe? In his first year of graduate school, in 2013, Michael Wagman walked into his advisor’s office and asked, “Can you help me simulate the universe?” Wagman, a theoretical physicist and associate scientist at the US Department of…

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