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  • Feb- 2020 -
    26 February

    The upcoming iPhones is likely to have sensor-shift stabilization technology along with major camera upgrade and 5G connectivity

    As per a report on DigiTimes, upcoming iPhone 12 family is likely to have a new sensor-shift stabilization. For starters, one obvious benefit is that it would apply to all the lens that upcoming iPhones will be equipped with. As of yet, iPhones reckon on OIS or optical image stabilization, it is only available for wide-angle and telephoto lens and not the ultra-wide one. If Apple brings sensor-shift stabilization technology to the new iPhone, it is going to improve the stabilization with ultra-wide camera and optimize overall image quality for both photos and videos. Since the camera sensor itself would…

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  • 26 February

    8 Questions to Be Asked Before Choosing an IT Support Company

    The responsibility of an IT support team is to maintain the computer networks of the organization they are assigned. Its services include the maintenance of computer systems, installation and configuration of hardware and software and solving all the technical problems. You must ask the right questions from the company before choosing an IT support provider for your business, whether it is big or small. Your business is important and it should be given all the due importance any business should get. Explained below are some important questions that you should ask and help you to sort out what is right for your…

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  • 26 February

    7 Ways To Quickly Improve Your Writing Skills

    When I started blogging, I hoped I could get everything at once. Larger traffic numbers, wider audience, more commitment. However, many of my messages seemed to go unnoticed by both people and search engines. What was he doing wrong? Well, many things. The reality is that you cannot become a good blogger (journalist, writer or whoever you want) without improving your writing skills. Only after making hundreds of mistakes, you will also discover more details at cheap custom papers about how to train yourself to write an affordable essay writing for your blog posts that will make you stand out…

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  • 25 February

    What is a smart ‘Potato’ doing at CES 2020?

    New ways of doing things are devised only when there is a demand or strong need for it. These days most small innovations are revolved around the idea of putting a chip into an analog product. How does it solve any problems? We now have an additional app on our phone which may or may not be patched at all after the initial release during the product launch. Additionally, we have another product to charge. It is not ‘smart’ way of doing things like an AI based device should deliver a task at hand. It is ‘smart’ as in it…

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  • 24 February

    Pros and Cons of of Virtual Reality

    Today all you need is a headset and a few clicks, and you enter the world of virtual reality. This technology has revolutionized the world of medicine, education, entertainment, engineering, and technology. Companies are generating huge amounts of revenue by creating VR apps and games. I have recently gotten my hands on a VR box that connects to my Charter Spectrum TV, and it has given me an amazing TV watching experience. It is also almost impossible to find a single home-based telephone anywhere now. Virtual reality is growing further with each passing day. But like every tech, it has its cons…

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