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  • Oct- 2020 -
    22 October

    The new Tesla battery has a life span of 2 million miles which means it pretty much lasts forever

    Tesla started spearheading the range of electric vehicles. This has been a concern for a while now as many customers are interested in an increase in the range of their vehicles, and Tesla will be the first to do so. The researchers previously said that the new batteries would last just 1 million miles, but now they doubled it to 2 million miles which is approximately 3.5 million kilometres. In terms of longevity, its going to last decades. The million mile battery explained Jeff Dahn a battery researcher was under a contract for researching new batteries for Tesla. He said…

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  • 21 October
    4g moon

    NASA’s first step to build a base on the moon: Nokia tasked with setting up a 4G network up there

    While Elon Musk is heading to Mars to colonise the red planet, and make a habitable human settlement, Nasa is planning something similar, but this time it’s our nearest satellite. The human population on earth has been growing by the millions daily, and there will come a time when earth won’t be able to hold us all as space decreases. Hence our outward journey colonising planets will become a thing in the future. Thus making the first step is important. Nasa – Nokia contract Nasa has awarded Nokia the $14.1 million contract as part of the Artemis program which will…

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  • 7 October

    How to Make Your Presentations Unforgettable

    You can use your voice to spark audience interest, while captivating visuals complement your presentation beautifully. Once you master these techniques, you are a true professional. But what’s the point of subduing the crowds if they forget your presentation the moment you’re done? You give everything to make your presentation. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Impactful typefaces. Photos royalty free, but invaluable. Your inner and outer voice … It would be a shame if all this hard work fell into oblivion. We will not accept it! We help you make your presentations unforgettable. From today. How to make people remember your presentation…

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  • 6 October
    After Effects

    Animation Trends To Follow In 2020

    Images and cartoons have always been a popular form of fun, back in the old days. It’s either children or teenagers, everybody used to enjoy cartoons and animated films. However, the use of images and graphics has now fully evolved as modern means of communication in the digital world. Today, thus, videos and animations have a totally different position in the modern world than they do in the past. The field of new technologies is rising and you can see any kinds of trends ongoing in 2020. However, the relentless advancement in technologies has also enhanced the growth of the…

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  • 5 October
    Film & Television

    Essentials To Know About Video Marketing In 2020 

    In the recent decade, video marketing has become exceedingly relevant. The millennial generation, in fact, absorbs more content online every day than ever before, and that is exactly why businesses can not neglect video marketing. A majority of all Internet users use multimedia portals around the world. In fact, the younger generation can hardly live without a platform. The channel of media, on the other hand, has long been written off for most young people, but can still be viewed on websites such as YouTube or Facebook. For that purpose, in order to leverage the full value of the brand,…

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