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  • Dec- 2022 -
    6 December

    Making Cryptocurrencies More Sustainable: Follow Ethereum’s Lead

    Lead Image: Ethereum, has reduced its electrical energy requirement by at least 99.84% by changing its method of production. Bitcoin has a carbon emissions problem due to the vast energy consumption of mining. In fact, bans on cryptomining have popped up around the world after the recent revelation that production of the cryptocurrency emits as much annual carbon dioxide as a small country. Notably, Ethereum, Bitcoin’s biggest competitor, has reduced its electrical energy requirement by at least 99.84% by changing its method of production. Crypto economist Alex De Vries explains how Ethereum made the change and how policymakers and consumers…

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  • 5 December

    Chemists Discover Why Synonymous DNA Mutations Are Not Always Silent

    Lead Image: Illustration of a new class of protein misfolding called a non-covalent lasso entanglement that can result from changes to the rate of protein synthesis caused by synonymous mutations. Bottom: structure of a protein showing its native state and misfolded state with non-covalent lasso entanglement. Credit: Yang Jiang, Penn State Modeling shows how genetic changes that don’t lead to changes in protein sequence can still alter protein function. New modeling shows how synonymous mutations — those that change the DNA sequence of a gene but not the sequence of the encoded protein — can still impact protein production and…

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  • 5 December

    Just Like Humans – More Intelligent Jays Have This Characteristic

    Top of the class was ‘JayLo’, who ignored a piece of cheese and waited five and a half minutes for a mealworm. Credit: Alex Schnell Similar to humans, more intelligent jays display more self-control. According to recent research, Eurasian jays may pass a variation of the “marshmallow test,” and those with the best self-control also do the best on intelligence tests. This is the first proof of a connection between self-control and intellect in birds. Self-control, or the ability to resist temptation in favor of a higher but delayed reward, is a crucial ability that promotes wise judgment and long-term…

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  • 3 December

    Scientists Discover That Binge-Eating Sweet Treats Is Influenced by Gut Microbiome

    According to new California Institute of Technology (Caltech) research in mice, specific gut bacteria may suppress binge eating behavior. Gut Microbes Influence Binge-Eating of Sweet Treats in Mice We have all been there. You just meant to have a single Oreo cookie as a snack, but then you find yourself going back for another, and another. Before you know it, you have finished off the entire package even though you were not all that hungry to begin with. But before you start feeling too guilty for your gluttony, consider this: It might not be entirely your fault. Now, new research…

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  • 3 December

    Never-Before-Seen Molecule: Webb Reveals a “Hot Saturn” Exoplanet Atmosphere

    This illustration depicts the exoplanet WASP-39 b and its star. Credit: Melissa Weiss/Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian New Webb Space Telescope observations of WASP-39 b reveal a never-before-seen molecule in the atmosphere of a planet — sulfur dioxide — among other details. The telescope’s array of highly sensitive instruments was trained on the atmosphere of WASP-39 b, a “hot Saturn” located around 700 light-years away. A hot Saturn is an exoplanet that is about as massive as Saturn and orbits closely to a star such that it has high surface-atmosphere temperatures. Although Webb and other space telescopes, including…

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