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  • Apr- 2020 -
    8 April
    Compact phones 2020

    Compact Android phones with good performance in 2020

    Many of us want the latest and greatest phones out there, but not all of us can fit the phones in the palm of our hands. As technology improves, the displays get larger and larger. Thus phone sizes are increased way beyond how much our palms can hold. So the need for a smaller, more compact phone arises.   Well, as the title suggests, let’s get into the list.     1. Samsung Galaxy S10e   The S10e is the most powerful compact phone out there. It sports a beastly Snapdragon 855 under the hood, and is a great contender…

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  • 6 April
    Intel i9-10980HK

    Intel i9-10980HK is a power hungry chip

    Back on 2nd April, Intel launched their 10th Generation ‘Comet Lake H’ Mobility Processors based on the 14nm Comet Lake-H architecture. But the new processors are really power hungry for a laptop, and draws a staggering 135 watts, 30% more than the desktop processor, Ryzen 9 3950x. The Intel 10980HK has a TDP of 45W, but the actual power draw is around 107w.   14NM+++ This is the 5th iteration of the 14nm architecture used in Intel’s lineup. Due to this, Intel has perfected higher clocks, while improving the power usage, but Intel can only do so much as to…

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  • 3 April

    SK Hynix flaunts the latest DDR5 memory module

    SK Hynix has finally shown off their new DDR5 memory module, and the latest chips will be mass produced this year. Back in 2014, we all made the switch to DDR4, and finally six years later, we’re switching to DDR5. Gradually, all memory suppliers will make the switch to DDR5 hopefully starting by the end of this year, or maybe a full fledged launch next year.     DDR5 Features: Frequencies: While average DDR4 modules are JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) certified DDR4-3200(3200MHz), and currently top out at 5000MHz as shown by G.Skill, the new DDR5 modules as seen…

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  • 2 April
    Social Media

    Why Should You Hire Models For Your Facebook Brand?

    Many brands have built and solidified their fan-base through Facebook and so, it wouldn’t be a miscalculation on your side if you also join the bandwagon. For instance, businesses like photography, Tour and guides, Events management and booking agencies can really do well on Facebook. What you need to do is buy 1000 facebook likes for every new post, before having a wider fan-base. Remember, social media users are reluctant and they need to be pushed. Well, buying real facebook fans might just be another of pushing them without causing any bodily harm. Today, we are going to tell why…

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  • 2 April

    Redmi Note 9 Pro/Max vs Realme 6 series

    When Xiaomi launched in the Indian market in 2014, they blew the competition away with their dirt cheap prices, and high specced phones, and their brand value kept rising continually. But, little did they know that four years later, their business was to be threatened by another competitor in India, a sister company of Oppo, called Realme. The names “Redmi” and “Realme” are a homonym. Realme came to the Indian market as a direct competitor to Xiaomi’s Redmi. It’s that obvious isn’t it? The Redmi vs Realme battle will be continuing for a long time. The head of Redmi recently…

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