5 Tips to selecting the Best Wireless Router for your Business!!

These days it is nearly impossible to run a business without superb and reliable internet connection. If you are new to owning a business or are just getting started, you are likely trying to learn the intricacies of everything that is an absolute must to be successful. One of the most important aspects of doing business in 2017 is that you have to be available online. This means that you have to have a website, be able to respond to emails and inquiries, and do so in a timely manner. If you have internet service that is lagging or worse does not work all the time, you can lose out on potential business and return customer purchases. This article will help identify some tips as to why it is imperative that you select a high-quality wireless router for your business.


  1. Type of router. Before shopping for the most up to date recommended wireless Routers, it is important to understand the different types that are available. A VPN/Firewall router is better than a basic router and can only be used with wireless or ethernet service. This type of router provides an integrated virtual private network server (VPN). A UTM, or unified threat management gateway or firewall is a router that offers advanced features and typically functions on ethernet-only with up to 8 ports. The ports will require you to have separate access points for WI-FI connection. It is important to note that most of these models also include virus and malware protection, anti-spam features, and intrusion detection. While the UTm sounds like a great option because it includes so much, you may have to pay a monthly fee for the security features. Also Check out this listing for best wireless router
  2. Content filtering. If you are concerned about the amount of time that your employees spend surfing the web and scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, you may want to consider purchasing a router that provides content filtering. This feature will allow you to block certain websites that may not be conducive to your work environment. If you are concerned about paying a monthly fee with a UTM, there are services that can provide you this feature for less. Consider checking out the free OpenDNS service that can work with almost any router.
  3. Another initial consideration when choosing the proper router for your business is the speed capability. You will need to know this early on so that when looking for a provider, you can be clear on the service that you are interested in purchasing. You will also need to be able to tell the provider how many users will be accessing the service as well as how much data will be going in and out. These parameters can help you set up the amount of speed that you will need to be satisfied with your service. Whatever router you choose, be sure that it can keep up with the speed you have ordered from your provider. Otherwise, you are wasting your money by paying for faster speed because you will not actually be getting that speed if your router cannot keep up with it.
  4. Wired vs. wireless. While wireless routers are more popular, there are many that prefer a wired router. If you have an operation that is several floors and you are in need of placing more than one router around your building, a wireless may be best for your needs.
  5. If you servers that need access from a public network, be sure that you purchase a router that is DMZ or demilitarized zone compatible. The reason for this is that any computer that is in a DMZ area is at more of a security risk.


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