How to Set Up a Local Business Listing

Before getting into the core components of a successful business listing, it is essential to understand that Google is dominating all online searches currently. So, if you want to be discovered, you have to be present at the top on Google’s search engine results page. The guidelines that you will read here are centered around Google but can be adjusted to suit other platforms as well.

Include various details about the business, like business name, tagline, address, social presence, and many more. If you have any applications, you can also mention their URL on the local business page. The core components of the local business listing apart from the above are the website URL, phone number, certifications, and payment acceptance formats.

Find out how you can set up a business profile with success.

Business Name

You cannot go wrong with this one. This is the single-most differentiating factor that sets your business apart from the rest. Moreover, the format of your signboard should be well-displayed on the Google page. It should align with all the POS materials that you have as well. It is essential to be consistent. If you have multiple stores or franchisees, it is better to go with the product name. Google treats business names differently, and identical ones are not catered to.

You can also consider adding a city name if you own multiple stores or a chain of stores. If you have a construction business, you can use the practitioner’s name. The name of the practice is not necessary. It is a local SEO practice to enlist a phone number with each practitioner’s name. You can include the business name if you are a sole proprietor. If you have a multi-vertical business, you can consist of the practice name and the business name.

Business Address

You need to mention the exact address while putting up your listing. You cannot afford to forget to enlist post-box numbers. If you provide virtual services all over the country or if you have a mobile business, you can hide your real address. That is one option that Google offers you. However, you have to key in the details for Google’s records.

Contact Details

You have to enlist a phone number as well. If you use call center numbers or toll-free numbers, you can enroll that. However, you have to ensure uniformity in whatever you do. Google prefers toll-free numbers in the case of businesses such as hotels. You can put in a direct number if you have some other company. Many citation forms will also allow you to list call center numbers, direct numbers, alternate numbers, and so on.

Application and Website URL

Today, if your business doesn’t have an online presence, it does not exist. Google stipulates that the link takes the prospect directly to your business site and not that of a third-party aggregator. If you own multiple businesses or multiple niches under the same business name, you can direct the link to the website homepage. The prospect can diversify from thereon. In addition to having a business, you must also have your app for customers’ ease and convenience. Let’s understand this with an example.

Let’s say you run a real estate business that is highly competitive. To stick out from the crowd, it’s crucial to have a website and an app. Allow your target users to filter their search based on location, price, total area, and so on. The best part is to upload videos and images, giving them a virtual tour and saving them a visit. Your app may come in handy for homeowners and commercial property buyers. It will save valuable time and help explore more properties.

Moreover, most investors are on the lookout for a mobile app for investing in real estate. So, allow the buyers and investors to explore more options by providing a website and app URL.

Business Niche

Most local business directories have separate categories for businesses. Google is particularly very stringent on this part. If you choose the appropriate category, Google helps you get discovered. No other local business listing platform has strict criteria like Google. So, if you succeed in posting and luring buyers here, you can do it from almost any platform.

If you have a niche business, you may not find a separate category to represent your business. You have to choose one that is nearest to your niche business. You can then rely on other facets like the description. It will help your prospects discover you.

Social Media Handles

Today, social media is the face of your business. Many platforms allow you to link to other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you can fill out all the above links, it will be more profitable for you in the long run. Consumers can directly visit the social media page through the local area listing.

To get effective results, every business needs to build a solid social media presence, especially for models, beauty, fashion, and photography businesses. To build one and provide the links on Google my business page for easy search.

If you want to list yourself online on local area business listings, these are the most important things to follow. Apart from the above, you should also take care to fill in the additional details like description, taglines, and payment forms. You can incorporate the same and get more consumers today.

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