Leaked Samsung Galaxy S7 Benchmarks shows Great Performance!

I have covered rumours/leaks on Samsung Galaxy S7 more than any other smartphone! Literally, One of the hottest topic is the upcoming Samsung flagship. Releasing on MWC 2016, Galaxy S7 benchmark scores are pretty awesome and impressive! Though, these rumoured leaks are not something which is officially confirmed but quite promising!

The Galaxy S7 on the back of certain improvements to its internals and the UI will come with a promise of great battery life which if reports are to be believed could even take you through two days on a single charge. And now, to add to that, new reports suggest that the S7’s performance could be far better than what we had earlier expected. GeekBench scores of what is a unit bound for US with Snapdragon 820 SoC on board has clocked some pretty solid numbers on benchmark tests.


The benchmark results from today are much higher than initial benchmarks of the phone suggesting that the manufacturer has carried out some serious optimization work on the handset. Having said that, single core performance still sees Qualcomm’s 820 lag behind the A9 SoC found on the new iPhones.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 upon launch is expected to  to feature a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution, a new 12 MP BRITCELL camera with f/1.7 aperture, and a 5 MP secondary cam. Two SoC configurations are expected. One being a Exynos-based version and the other a Qualcomm-powered model. The battery is expected to be upwards of 3500mAh.

This keeps me thinking of the S7 all day now! Frankly, One of the main reasons of the wait for MWC2016 is the release of Galaxy S7 for me! But, let’s wait and see what samsung brings up and how successfully delivers that!

Judhajeet Das

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and Co-own InMyPlanet Networks. Co-Founder, Tekh Decoded.

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