Moto Z: Replacement for Moto X Series?

So a new rumour is flying into the sky stating that Motorola has registered a new name called Moto Z which is meant to be a replacement for Moto X and will be the new series of Moto Flagships. Well, we don’t really know how much true it is but definitely it does impress us. Hmm?

So Last week, just as Google I/O was kicking off, a report surfaced suggesting that Motorola was moving on from the Moto X line of phones and instead introducing a new Moto Z line. Only adding to that idea, Motorola appears to have filed for a trademark on the day that report arrived for the name “MOTO Z.”

You can see a screenshot of the registration below, along with the owner being “Motorola Trademark Holdings.” No other details are included, other than a note about this being a trademark for “Mobile phones, smartphones and accessories therefor, namely battery chargers and adapters.”

Moto Z

While this doesn’t confirm a Moto Z, it certainly helps that story. Also, keep in mind that trademark filings in the past have led us to all sorts of product names ahead of time.

Other rumors say that Motorola is so committed to promoting the Moto Z brand that even the 2016 Verizon Droids will be sold as the Z Play Droid Edition and the Z Style Droid Edition. Obviously, none of this information can be confirmed at this point.

If the online rumor mill is to be believed, the Motorola Moto Z Style and Z Play will be officially unveiled in the first half of June at Lenovo’s Tech World 2016 event in San Francisco. For the mid-range Moto G4 series, Lenovo decided to hold the official unveiling in India, a country where budget-minded smartphones account for a great portion of the total market.

So! How excited are you about this? Do you want such a name to replace the old one or you think the “X” was much better? Certainly you have your own choice and we respect that! Comment down below your choices and let’s have a battle between Moto Z and Moto X! 😀

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