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Oppo Foldable Tablet Prototype – The future of Displays?

We have been hearing rumours about Samsung’s foldable smartphone since a long time, but nothing has been confirmed so far. Something else, however, popped up recently and to everyone’s surprise it was a leaked image of Oppo’s prototype foldable tablet. That’s right. Oppo


Its astounding to hear that a company that isn’t really known for its displays, invested the time and money on a foldable smartphone and finished even before Samsung, the display king in the market currently.

foldable tablet

We really aren’t sure about whether this is a tablet or a smartphone. On being folded, it has the size and portability of a smartphone. Open it up, and its a 6/7-ish screen tablet with appropriate camera and port placement. One thing that can’t be unseen is that it looks kinda ugly. Okay, really ugly.

All in all, it’s seemingly hard to tell if products like these would do well in the market. But it’s experimenting that keeps a company running, right? Let us know if you agree with us or not in the comments below

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