Social Media Marketing: Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

Predicting the future of social media is fun yet challenging. The dynamic sector is always changing, with new tools and utilities as well as ways to measure social media ROI being rolled out daily.

Social media has also become entrenched in people’s lives, taking on more functional uses beyond communicating with friends and loved ones. Businesses are using social media platforms to advertise and sell their products, connecting their brands with consumers in authentic ways that often deliver immediate returns.

If you’re planning on adding more ways tomaximiseyour online marketing efforts, here are the top social media trends that digital marketing agencies in Melbourne have predicted for 2020.

Shopping on Social Media

This trend began a couple of years ago and it will continue to grow. Increasingly, online users will no longer need to leave a certain website or app to make a purchase. With just a few clicks, they can go from just scrolling along their Instagram feed to sharing their credit card information and making a purchase. With this type of ease and speed, businesses can cut their sales funnel almost in half.

While this trend is currently used by larger, more well-established companies, 2020 will seeSMEsand even start-ups gain access to tools that will enable them to jump on the bandwagon.

Steady Rise of Influencer Marketing

More than ever before, consumers are becoming increasingly wary of ads on their social feeds. When making purchasing decisions, they’re now seeking authentic reviews from people they trust on social media, otherwise known as influencers.

Aside from celebrities with massive followings, brands are also tapping other key influencer types such asYouTubers,gamersand bloggers. Since online users tend to turn to influencers for advice, tips and recommendations, brands will easilycapitaliseon that trust to market their products.

Stories as Marketing Darlings

For some time, Stories were exclusive to Snapchat until Instagram and Facebook adopted the format. Now, evenYouTubeStories exist.

Stories provide online users with authentic insight, as the short videos are often created on the spot. Since they disappear in a span of 24 hours, they give marketers the perfect opportunity to offer flash sales, promos and deals that only loyal users can look out for. This then brings in new users to take advantage of ‘insider’ specials.

Stories are also an excellent way to grow engagement. Brands can add polls to their Stories or ask questions that be answered with quick clicks.

The Mainstream Potential of Augmented Reality (AR)

The technology of AR is gradually evolving, with increased applications foreCommerce, special offers and product discovery. There’s a heap of potential in this type of technology for brands to use in their social media marketing.

For instance, realtors can take prospective homeowners on virtual home tours, during which the floor materials, wallpaper and furnishings can be modified. Makeup companies can allow online shoppers to try on products while they’re riding a cab or anytime they’re holding their phone.

In the past years, AR usage has been limited due to budget constraints and technological limitations but expect this to see a big shift in 2020.

Of course, many new elements will pop up alongside shifts in the social media marketing industry. However, in terms of actionable marketing potential, the ones listed above will have the most relevant shifts. Hopefully, the notes will help you prepare your strategic approach for 2020.\

Sunit Kumar Nandi

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