3 Reasons that healthcare IT is important

Information technology is becoming an important component in almost all aspects of the economy.  This has served to increase efficiency in ways that manual operations could never do. That’s why companies are investing heavily in technology as they try to make their services more efficient. But there is one sector that the debate still lingers on the importance of mass adoption of information technology, and that’s healthcare.  That’s because healthcare is quite sensitive and every decision to do with it is critical to human lives. However, even as the healthcare and technology debate continues, no one can dispute the fact that the future of healthcare is technology. To put this into context, here are 3 reasons that healthcare IT is important for the growth of the healthcare sector.

1. It improves the integrity of healthcare records

One of the areas that I.T brings efficiency is the management of health records.  Without I.T managing medical records, the process would be hectic and inefficient. Chances of some records getting lost or destroyed are quite high when managed manually. That’s never the case when healthcare records are managed using computer systems.  When such records are managed electronically, they can be used to serve customers better, with minimal risk of data loss.  To achieve this, all that healthcare providers have to do is engage the services of top-quality IT services, and that’s where TrueNorth comes in. TrueNorth is one of the best healthcare IT services company in the world. The company offers some of the most comprehensive health care I.T services, by taking a holistic approach to healthcare technology. More about TrueNorth’s services can be found on

2. Enhanced data transfer

When it comes to patient care, nothing is more important than the ability to transfer patient data to where it is needed most, and on time. This can make all the difference between a saved life and a lost one. That’s where I.T comes in. With some I.T advances such as cognitive computing, patient data can be transferred from one medical facility to another almost instantaneously.  This can save lives since one of the reasons why fatalities happen in healthcare, is due to poor patient data handling when switching between healthcare providers. In fact, data transfer one of the main reasons I.T is important in healthcare since the whole essence of healthcare is to save lives.

3. It will create more job opportunities

One of the parameters for measuring the success of an industry is its ability to create new jobs over time. This is one aspect that technology can help improve the healthcare sector. In the recent past, technology has created numerous jobs in the sector such as MRI technologists, and EEG technology specialists. As the healthcare sector continues to adopt technology, more jobs will come up. Right now, technologies like artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are making inroads into healthcare. This will only mean more job opportunities in this sector. That’s positive growth that should be appreciated since it also means better services for the patients.

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