How You Can Master Becoming a Mobile, On-The-Go Work Person

Your Guide to On-The-Go Work Situations

There will come a time where we have to be more flexible with our time. A certain occasion might come up that might need our immediate attention.For example, your best friend asked you to help her plan a surprise birthday party for her child’s 13th birthday.

As her best friend, you would probably move mountains to make sure that her and daughter’s happiness is secured, right? Now think of a similar situation, but this time, think about something related to your work.

Your boss may call you at any moment asking you to do practically anything.It could be something as simple as replying to a client’s email or running over to the office to present a case study for the board.

What we need now is to be flexible with our time, learning to adapt to new situations, and learning how to thrive and survive in on-the-go work situations.

Be alert and prepared

You will never know when something from work will come up. You need to be ready for anything whenever you are away from work. Some places of employment do not really practice sudden call-ups for work, but some do.

And in many instances, you may also be called upon for something like taking another person’s shift due to an emergency. Learn to survey your surroundings and your work environment. Does your job require you to work overtime? Does your job sometimes need you to work from home?

Or does it require you to come into work at a moment’s notice? You have to keep these things in mind. If none of these applies to you, then you are pretty much in the clear. But if they do, then you should stay on your toes and keep lines open.

It is always good to keep a ready-to-go work bag ready at your disposal.At least this way, you will not waste any time packing things in your bag instead of using those valuable minutes and hours for work.

Have a communication line open

Speaking of keeping lines open, your employers and coworkers will need to get a hold of you should they need anything from you. Most of the time, they might call or message you via phone.But if they want to keep a detailed log of all your communications, they may contact you using your company’s own communication channels.

Wherever you are, you need to keep your communication lines open. Whether it is your phone always on, your laptop on standby, or even perhaps a pager, if you are still using one. Something important might come up, so you need to be ready to pick up or reply.

Speaking of your company’s own communication channels, it is highly suggested that your company gets your own for internal messages and posting. It will help keep everybody updated with whatever is going on. You can easily get your own or have someone make it for you.

You need only look for a Google G Suite reseller to get started.

Work is important. It keeps us fed, clothed, and sheltered. There will be times that we will need to sacrifice our own time and energy for it. And you will even be required to do so. Just make sure that you get your much-needed rest afterwards.

Sunit Kumar Nandi

Sysadmin, coder, e-magazine editor, tech reviewer, freelancer. I love science and all things nice. Leading officer of Tekh Decoded. Owner of Techno FAQ Digital Media.

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