5 App Stores That Are Better Than Google Play Store!

When the world was curious to play Pokemon Go, guess what happened? It was not available in Google Play Store in all the geographic location. It was during that time that many people realized that it was the time to use another app store for downloading and installing their favorite game. If you have ever faced any problem in finding or downloading an app from Google Play Store, then you should check our list of top 5 app stores that are better than Google Play Store. Of course, you have to use these app stores to believe us!


  1. Aptoide


By installing Aptoide, you create an opportunity for yourself to discover many new apps. The developers of Aptoide consider it as a revolutionary app store. The Aptoide can be downloaded for free. The developers of Aptoide have also created “Aptoide Lite” for the users who have a low-end device and runs on a slow internet. It gives utmost importance to the privacy of its users. You will get unlimited apps here in multiple versions. Apart from that, you can also engage in the discussion by becoming a member of Aptoide community.


  1. ApkMirror


Perhaps, it is the only app store that rolls out apps which are not even available in the official store of the apps. Apps which are not available in Google Play Store because of restricts can be easily downloaded and installed from here. However, you will not find any paid apps for free here because it has a strict no-piracy policy. But the plus point of ApkMirror is that all the apps published here are manually checked for malware. Therefore, the apps which are available here are 100% safe to be downloaded and installed.


  1. GetJar


GetJar is not only one of the oldest app stores but also is one of the favorite app stores of the Android users. After getting launched in 2004, it has always grown as a market for the app and it has successfully managed to create its brand by becoming the biggest and the first free open source in the world to download the apps. With a collection of more than 10 lakh apps, there is not a single app which you will not find in GetJar. Every day, more than 3 million apps are downloaded. Apart from the original apps, it also provides the hacked version of the apps. All the apps available in GetJar are divided into 23 categories and this makes it easier to browse through the app store for finding your favorite app.


  1. TutuApp


TutuApp can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones. It is one of the most loved app stores because of the huge collection of the app that it has. TutuApp is particularly popular among the Android users because it allows them to download and install apps for free. Apart from that, the iOS users have an added benefit when using the TutuApp. The iOS users can either choose the regular free access of TutuApp or they can enhance their experience by going for the paid VIP access. Along with the original apps, TutuApp store also gives the users an opportunity to download the modified and hacked version of all the apps.


  1. Appvn


It is an app store where you will find all the apps which are not available in Google Play Store. You can get all the paid app stores for free here. What’s more? It updates all its app regularly to make sure that the users of this app store always have the latest version of the app on their smartphone. The simple user-interface of Appvn makes it’s easier for the people to use it. Apart from serving its primary purpose to give good APK links, it also gives you a platform where you can discuss the apps in their forum.

Getapk Market Latest is also one of the best sites I have come across to download latest paid android apps for free of cost and also, they are authorized by the original creator of the application.


All these apps are better than Google Play Store because not only all the apps are available in these app stores but also multiple versions of the original apps are made available here. These apps stores are safe to be used and you can also check the rating of a particular app before downloading it from the app store.


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