5 Mistakes Google did with the Nexus line

Hey readers! I am back with a new top 5. Since everyone now knows the iPhone is the best phone ever, today, we are looking at the Nexus line and seeing mistakes Google made throughout the years. Always remember you can chime in the comment section and give us your opinion on the Nexus line too! Without further ado, wait.. actually, just want to mention, the Nexus 6 is amazing.

That’s all.. Let’s get to the top 5:


  1. Nexus Q


I bet you we’re thinking about phones only? Nope. Google used the Nexus branding on other products. That’s when the Nexus Q comes in. One question pops to mind… WHAT THE HELL, GOOGLE? I mean, who wants a ball below his tv? You can’t pile anything on it and it won’t go on top of anything on your bottom shelf cause it won’t fit. Seriously. The form factor alone is reason enough to complain, they had to try and make us believe there’s such a thing as a “social media streaming machine”.. really? A social media streaming machine already exist.. it’s called a smartphone.


  1. Samsung

Yeah… so Samsung made a Nexus… it failed… I don’t like Samsung… moving on…


  1. Manufacturers


One of the main issue with the Nexus line is how much Google doesn’t decide anything. If, say, HTC releases a flagship, you can be sure a HTC Nexus would look almost similar. That’s just sad. When you are google, you can literally make a company by giving them the Nexus contract (looking at you Huawei), so why not put your foot down and decide how you want your phone to look and feel? It comes to a point where I prefer renders than the actual thing.. wait.. that’s always the case with every phone… Never mind…


  1. Tablets (N7, N9 and N10)

nexus line

Why? Why, why, why? You make Android… You know Android don’t play well on tablets… why do you showcase your weakness? You like to see the iPad sell so much? I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, the Nexus tablets are good devices. Better than most Android slabs since they run vanilla. But in the end, Android on a tablet is pretty bad. To me, chromebooks getting Android apps is what Android on tablets should be. Kind of like how the Surface line asks you to go to tablet mode when you remove the keyboard. We should have some kind of “desktop” mode that works like a computer. Anyhow, Google, stop it (talking to you, pixel c).


  1. Samsung


Not sure if I mentionned it, but Samsung made a Nexus phone at some point. It was ugly, bad, slow, ugly and.. oh right.. ugly. Samsung being who they are, they decided to add the beautiful 4 buttons they we’re trying to implement at the time. Funny enough, they still don’t understand which side the back buttong goes (another story for another day). To be honest, it wasn’t half bad. It’s just that if you sit down and think back, you can see the first HTC made Nexus.. then you see the 4, then the 5 and then whatever it is you have today. The Samsung Nexus kind of fell off the picture and no one cares about it. Hey, I have an idea.. How about Samsung returns for redemption. A Note 5 looking device, complete with the pen and vanilla android. Could work, no?


Special mentions

I spoke about 5 mistakes Google made with the Nexus line. Here are a 2 things they did that are good (one of them is dead now, it’s sad).

  1. Android One : android-one1Android on low end devices that sell in India. That’s just genius. India is the biggest market in the world right now. Android is the most popular OS in the world. How do you bring the two together? Cheap phones that perform as well as flagships running vanilla Android. Now we’re talking.
  2. Google Play Edition: gs4-one-google-play-edition-verge-p2-2-heroThat one was brilliant! HTC One, S4 and GPad 8.3 with vanilla android. Why the hell did they stop those? Can you imagine owning a Note 5, HTC 10 or S7 Edge running stock android with the N preview right now? Seriously? Google could have made a great chunk of profit on those and phone makers could have tapped into a market of people who like their devices, but not the bloat and launcher. I guess, in the end, Google was loosing whoever buys Nexus phones? Oh well.

What do you think of my list? Any special mention of mistake you want to share? Go ahead in the comments below.

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  1. Even though i used to hate samsung before, The way you wrote the article really made me hate it even more. Good one..

  2. I hate Samsung because of software updates or lack of them. They love making new flagship devices and then forgetting them a week later when the new flagship handset or tablet comes out. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 tablet. Once a flagship and now running KitKat forever. Because they just don’t give a f$#k

  3. The iPhone is the best cell phone? I stopped reading after that, realizing anything else you said would be drivel.

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