How to Download YouTube Videos on Android!

Do think there is any need to download YouTube Videos, when they can be streamed so easily? While working on a desktop it is never an issue but when it comes to our mobile device opinions may differ. As, usually the desktops are connected to a decent internet connection and even if they are not connected downloading videos is not an issue as we a wide range of downloaders are available. Whereas our mobile phones are not always in vicinity of a good internet connection either we have to compromise with the video quality or there is no internet at all while traveling to remote areas so, no online streaming.

If you also face the same challenges then there is a readily available and easily adaptable solution to this. The iTube Android App; but why would anyone go for the this app when YouTube allows us to take videos offline in its own app. Then the answer being firstly not all vidoes are available offline that is, all the videos on YouTube cannot be saved to be played later without internet connection, secondly YouTube videos cannot be played in the background just in case you want to listen to the music and do other work as well.

iTube has solution for all this and much more. It allows us to download YouTube videos on our Android phone and not only videos but also just plain audio as well so that, we can enjoy our favorite songs while we are busy doing some other work as well. It has a playlist option which allows us to queue videos so that we don’t have to select a video each time to play them. It also has a sleep timer which I find very useful as many times I end up with videos being played overnight draining out the battery.

Download YouTube Videos

How to download Youtube videos and audio using this app?

iTube is a very easy to use application so, creating your very own video and music collection is a cake walk.

1. Just go to the app and search for music videos by there name, or any video that you like.

2. When you play a video for the first time it will give a notification that the video is being downloaded.

3. You can press star icon to add it to your already existing playlist or just create a new one.

4. You can press the clock icon to see a history of videos being played and play them again offline anytime you want.

So, simply select any video to download it and play it offline anytime, anywhere.

Where to get the iTube app?

The app is not available on Play Store as it allows us to download copyright protected videos. But it is readily available on its website where iTube android apk file needs to be downloaded and installed separately which involves no rocket science.

Finally, iTube has all the answers to how to download YouTube videos and much more, so don’t wait get the app right now.

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