Nexus 2016 to be made by HTC?

Being picked by Google to develop a Nexus phone alongside them is always an honor. The community too has strong attachments to Nexus devices, especially those from particular manufacturers. We are already starting to get fresh rumours aout Nexus 2016!

According to reports on Weibo, 2016 will see a continuation of what we saw in 2015. We’ll be getting two Nexus phones except that unlike last time, both of these will come from a single manufacturer. These reports also claim that this manufacturer is none other than HTC. HTC is the company to not only have made the very first Android phone, the HTC Dream, but also the one who made the first Nexus. Rumors say that one of the two devices will have a 5 inches screen while the other will have a 5.5 inches screen. Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the specifications of these two phones currently. though, Nexus 2016 are said to come with lot more improvments and features!


If true then this will be HTC’s third go at making a Nexus device, following the original Nexus and the Nexus 9. With the pressure to not only create two Nexus phones but to also meet and exceed the expectations of the community which was blown away by the stellar Nexus 6P is something HTC will have to deal with. With a single manufacturer making both phones, it is likely that they’ll share the same design philosophy resulting in an Android equivalent to what Apple does with its iPhone and iPhone Plus.

Only time will tell if HTC can rise up to the occasion and claim this opportunity to lift itself up from the tough times that it has fallen into. While many would have liked Huawei to be the Nexus manufacturer this year too, what do you think of this Android veteran being given a chance?

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  1. I have aways loved HTC, though I have been on the sidelines lately due to some design choices. But since the Nexus one (which I still have ), I have been pushing and hoping to see them back on the Nexus phone scoreboard. So I am very excited for them if this rumor is true. I would love to see a Nexus with 4000mAh battery and minimal bezel with ffs. Fingers crossed..Let’s hope they deliver.

  2. Well, I really wasn’t impressed with the Nexus 9 tablet HTC, so their recent history with Nexus is nearly as great as the old days.
    Tbh, I’m more pissed for Huawei, than pleased for HTC. If you make a great Nexus one year, Huawei made the best to date, you should get the chance again the following year. I struggle to see how HTC will match the 6P’s greatness because their production costs are far greater and profit margins much smaller and their buying power for procurement of components is nowhere near Huawei’s.
    Corners will be cut somewhere I’m sure…

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