Everything You Need To Know About Tasker Profiles

We live in an era when Mobile Phones are an absolute necessity. Looking for a clock or at your wristwatch to know the time or searching for a date in a physical calendar is something we do not prefer. Why dump your mind regarding when to turn the WIFI on or adjust the screen light while reading your favorite book?

Android has evolved beyond our imagination. The smartphone that you are carrying in your hand right now can be customized according to your specific needs. Here comes the Tasker app available on Google Play Store to your rescue.

The Tasker requires setting up tasks and profiles and associating them. The Profile represents the situation which will trigger the occurrence of the job. You can specify the set of conditions under which the task will occur.

You would probably say we get apps for all our needs, one that can adjust the screen light, manage sound settings, and do all such jobs. But don’t you think that will be too much dependence on the App Developer? Having so many apps will also drain you of your storage space. All such tasks can be handled by Tasker Profiles alone.

Using Tasker

You can avail of this app from the Google Play Store. On opening, you would come across an interface which consists of four tabs- profiles, tasks, scenes, and vars.


Click on the Profiles Tab. You will come across a + sign at the bottom of the window. Press that and set up new conditions where you would want certain activities to be performed.


Click on Tasks Tab. Press the + sign to set up tasks that you would link with the Profiles you made. You can set up individual tasks as well.


This is something you would not need very often. This is used to decide how the interface would look like.


Vars is the short form of the word “variable.” As the name suggests, it can take up different values. The variables can be anything like “date,” “time,” or any such system information.

Required Settings

To let the Tasker App perform, you have to disable battery saver mode, grant notification access, and enable the device manager.

Some amazing things that you can do with Tasker Profiles

  • Lower The Volume Of The Media When You Are Playing Your Favorite Video Game

How do you feel when you want to play Subway Surfers in the middle of the night, but do not disturb the person next to you? You probably try to keep your fingers on the speaker to lower the noise. But with Tasker, you can make a setting where the volume will automatically be reduced every time you play the game.

Go to the Profile Tab, select the apps, and then go to the Tasks tab and adjust the volume option. Hence you are sorted to play games in the middle of the night without worrying about the sound disturbance.

  • Turn on Battery Saving Mode when Required

Once you set up a Tasker profile for this and running low on your battery, Battery Saving Mode will be automatically turned on.

  • Manage The Sleep Timer Of Your Device When You Are Reading Your Favorite Book

Whenever you use the Reading App of your device, you would not need to adjust the sleep timer repeatedly. You can keep the screen lights on whenever you are reading.

  • Read out the important messages while you are Driving

Do you also get distracted by the continuous messages popping up from your team while you drive? You cannot miss them too, as they are essential. Why not set up a profile that automatically initiates the task of reading out the messages while you drive?

  • Switch to WiFi Automatically

We are becoming careless day by day. We forget to make use of the WiFi installed in our homes unless our mobile data is exhausted. You would no longer need to shift from Mobile Data to WiFi whenever you return home by just setting up a Profile for this task.

  • Switch on the Airplane Mode when you Sleep

We are very well aware of the harmful radiation caused by our devices. The worst part is they can hamper your sleeping cycles. Set up a Tasker profile that automatically switches on the Airplane Mode for that particular duration when you are having your pleasant siesta.

  • Dim the Screen Light after the Sun goes down

The constant usage of your Mobile Phones can damage your eyes and result in a disturbed sleep. So you can set up a profile that can dim the screen light as the night approaches.

  • Automatically mute your phone in your college hours

You can fix the time of your college hours and mute your device in that duration. You don’t need to turn on the Silent Mode of your phone every day.

  • Talk over the phone while it is at a distance

We all hate it when we have a great time reading our favorite book and the phone rings. Phones are addictive, and maybe you will not get back to reading after browsing through Instagram that evening. So better set apart a time for reading on the Profiles Tab and adjust the task such that it will automatically switch on the Loudspeaker while attending calls at that time.


There are a lot more ways in which you would love to automate and customize your Android Device. You can know more about the topic from this detailed article by CruchyTricks. To reduce the burden on your head and let your smartphones do most of your small jobs, use Tasker. It is a great time saver. You need to remember lesser things. That way, you can focus your attention on more important things.

Bibhuranjan Nath

Bibhuranjan is the Chief Editorial Officer at Techno FAQ digital media and its subsidiary TekhDecoded. He is a tech journalist, avid gaming fanatic and loves all things tech, science and DIY. Follow him on Twitter.

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