Rumor: HTC plans to use 3D Touch in its Nexus phone!

With the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Apple introduced pressure sensitive displays( calling it 3D Touch). We thought Apple’s move would have others following suit, but LG and Samsung opted not to use them in the G5 and the Galaxy S7. Huawei has already implemented it in its Mate S, though its not quite mainstream yet.

But a new rumour out of Weibo, the Chinese microblogging website, suggests that it could change soon. The leakster reports that the next Nexus phone being manufactured by HTC could use such a display.

3D Touch is a feature on Apple’s current iPhone’s that allows you to gather information about something in an app just by holding your finger lightly over the icon. On pressing the icon harder, it takes you into a deeper view of that app or perform certain specific actions allowed by the app. You could call it as the glorification of the long-press, which is already present in Android!

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It’s really interesting to see such a rumour surfacing, as it has us wondering why Google would need to use such a display. Is it something which Google plans on building support for in Android N? As we don’t see them featuring new technologies in Nexus devices unless they plan to build something around Android, such as the fingerprint scanner’s native support in Marshmallow. The insider says Google will opt for it, but we aren’t sure how they plan on implementing it.

If Google does introduce the feature, it will have to court developers to support it. Considering Android’s varied nature, many will probably figure out ways to emulate the functionality in devices which do not have such displays.

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