Galaxy Note 7 Massive Leak: Confirmed Design, Specs, Price and More!

We finally have the ultimate leaked blueprints of the Galaxy Note 7, and it looks like as though the Note 5 and the S7 Edge had a baby, and some sort of genetic mutation lead to the creation of a USB C! According to the images it seems that Samsung has given a subtle curve to the phone to avoid selling two handsets with flat and highly curved displays. Pretty clever.

The screen size will be somewhere between 5.7 and 5.8 inches, as the source claims. The handset will be 7.9 mm thick, which is thicker than both the Note 5 and the S7 Edge coming at 7.6 and 7.7mm respectively. Good to see that Samsung is moving in the right direction of compromising thickness for battery juice.

Talking about the battery, it is rumored to be of capacity 3700 mAh but some Chinese sites claim that it could be a mammoth 4000 mAh battery. We think the latter will be more likely as the phone is much bigger and thicker than the S7 Edge which already packs in a 3600 mAh boss.

Looks Crazy Good!
Looks Crazy Good!

The name is the most confusing aspect of this device. Some say Samung is ditching the number 6 to be on par with the iPhone 7 lineup, while others say the standard flat screen variant will be the Note 6 while the Edge screen one will be the Note 7.

While we arent exactly sure about the release date, its most likely to be at the IFA technology expo in early september. A UK release is expected this time however, unlike last year. Which is great.

Pricing won’t be anything surprising. It would be the same as most flagships i.e. around $700 (or £630 or INR 55,000)

Come to the camera, and this is the department where we wont be seeing much of a change. Most probably it will be the same 12 MP camera found in the S7 edge, but some say it could be bumped up to 20 MP. Time will tell. But either way, it will be a solid camera as the S7 currently has the best camera on any smartphone, period.


Samsung is late to the party in implementing a USB type C to their flagships but hey, at least they realised its about time. Are you interested in the Note 7? Is the hype real? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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