Redesigned Google Play Icons: More Materialistic!

It hasn’t been all that long since we saw Google redesign their logotype and identity. The new flatter look is now making its way to the icons for Google Play Store and other Play branded apps. The new design does looks more materialistic and very vibrant and filled with colors. So a Revamped Google Play apps?

As announced earlier today, these new Google Play icons are meant to create a consistent feel across the family of Play apps. Which apps are we talking about here? Apart from the Play Store itself, this includes Play Books, Play Music, Play Games, Play Newsstand and Play Movies & TV.

So, what exactly has changed? The Google Play Store icon has lost the gradient, letting the colors really pop whilst the others now feature the silhouette of the Play Store icon with an icon representative of the app and all apart from Google Play Music manage to stay very close to their previous iterations. Play Music loses its iconic headphones to a music note.

Google Play

What do you think about this redesign? Personally, we feel like it really achieves Google’s goal of unifying the family with a consistent design and it doesn’t hurt that it looks really classy doing it. Let us know if you agree or disagree on the comments below.


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