GearBest is Offering 41$ Disount on UMi Super 4G, an Awesome Phablet!

GearBest does some awesome offers very often and all of them almost, generate some great sales and attraction. So, this time the company has thought of giving its consumers a heavy discount on one of the very popular phablets of China called the UMi Super 4G. This guy is a serious beast in terms of looks and specs as well! 😀

UMi Super 4G offers a 5.5 inch screen and Android 6.0 along with Gorilla Glass and that cool ass rear fingerprint reader that I’ve mentioned in previous news blasts so you’re gonna wanna jump on that if you’re in the market for a huge phone.
UMi Super 4G

This phone also boasts 4GB of RAM as well as 32GB of internal storage. If that’s not enough, it’s also got that sweet octa-core processor running at 2GHZ so you know it’ll keep up with anything you throw at it. The UMI Super 4G uses some of the best components from your favorite manufacturers such as a SHARP screen and a Panasonic camera. It also supports the Super Quick Charge PE+ which gives you 2 hours of talk time on 5 minutes of charge.  30 minutes of charging gives you 1 full day of usage time with PE+ Quick Charging.  You get the latest 4th Generation fingerprint support and all the bells and whistles you would expect in a smartphone costing 5x this amount honestly.

The UMI super also comes with something called “Sunlight Screen” this is because they are using the new high quality SHARP display now on this phone model. If you’re looking to pick up one of these bad boys, you better hurry up as they’re on pre-order over at GearBest for $1799 on each Wednesday and Saturday! Follow that link to book your one right away!

UMi Super 4G

Do comment below and share us your thoughst regarding this device and also, Did you really ended up ordering one for yourself after reading this? We are eagerly waiting to know! 😀

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