How to Spot a Xiaomi Official Store?

With every day, Xiaomi is becoming more and more popular and every now and then the company is releasing new tech. Once you see the specifications, it is not hard to fall in love with their smartphones. There will come a time when you will decide to change your smartphone, and if you live in western countries, you will try to get yourself a Xiaomi smartphone through the online stores.

Because of the distance, you will probably try to find the closest store to your place, so that you receive your new smartphone faster. A lot of these stores are usually unofficial, and they are probably re-selling the smartphones from the official ones. This doesn’t mean that you should never go for the unofficial store and always focus on the real one. But before you go for online shopping, we believe that you should know the difference between these two.

The difference between the official and unofficial stores are big; the price, warranty, quality and more. Shopping in the official store, you’ll get a product for a regular price, and receive a guarantee for sure. There are retail sites like iBuyGou, GearBest, BangGood and few others that will provide you with the warranty and the original products but, not all of them are like that.

Today, you can easily get scammed and instead of receiving original smartphone, you will end up with some good copy that you will usually pay 20% more than you would pay for the original device. To increase your awareness and to learn how to recognize one of these sites, we would recommend you to read “3 Important Signs To Recognize An Unofficial Xiaomi Shop” article on XiaomiToday. A lot of unofficial sites are trying to copy the style from the official stores, but they are selling copies of the original smartphones or even worse, the stolen ones that could get you into trouble. So, besides having a lower quality model and no warranty, unofficial sites might even scam you. That’s why it’s always recommended to buy from official stores.

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