iPhone 8: with its New Design and Features Will Be a Class Apart!

As Apple celebrates the ten year anniversary of its iPhone, we are all eagerly looking forward to the 2017 edition of the smartphone that shook the world when it first came out in 2007. But what makes this year’s iPhone, also dubbed as the iPhone 8, so infamously awaited, is that there are so many amazing features that it is slated to come out with.

Apple users and loyalists prefer the iPhone over the most commercially popular Android devices because of a number of reasons, exclusivity being one of the most primary factors. But this very thing had proved to be the bane of the iPhone when it first came out. But the device has certainly come a long way since then, and the features that felt like mostly felt like wonderful gimmicks have turned out to be its most defining ones.

Last year’s September release, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus focused more on the form factor of the iPhone. And we don’t think that Apple has gone through so much of trouble to throw away the major design schemes it came up with after a year or so. And even more so because the external changes that the iPhone 7 went through were quite radical. But while the removal of the headphone jack and the newly integrated home button design may be perceived by some as unnecessary, all the newly incorporated design schematics that went into the 2016 iPhone were meant to make the device waterproof.

Sexy, isn’t it?

And this is something that we know will be carried forward to this year’s iPhone 8. But besides that, there are some other external design changes that we are expecting to see in the upcoming device. According to numerous sources, all three iPhones that are expected to come out in 2017 (including the iPhone 8), will come with an all-glass build. However, others are of the opinion that Apple will not really have the time to experiment with a new material for the iPhone 8 and will instead opt for the Zirconia Ceramic that went into making the tough, scratch resistant exterior of the Apple Watch 2. In addition to that, leading market analysts are of the opinion that some of the internal features of the Apple iPhone 8 will warrant some exterior changes as well.

Whatever be the case, what we are most excited about are all the new features that the iPhone 8 will be packing inside. Especially because while much was expected from the iPhone 7, we didn’t really see too many changes on the inside. But with all of the rumored patents that Apple is known to have filed over the past few years, we hope to see a culmination of it all on the upcoming iPhone 8. And it makes perfect sense to think that the company has been lying in wait to perfect these amazing new technological wonders to make the iPhone 8 a device to be beheld by all. So apart from a waterproof design and other differences in build material and quality, expect the iPhone 8 to pack in one of a kind features like integrated projector system, an advanced AR technology, and a home button that will be embedded into the display among others.

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So even though 2017 is chock full of some amazing releases that are lined up, this year is most certainly slated to be the year of the iPhone 8. We can barely contain our excitement and wait until September, 2017.

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