iOS 11: Will Have A Smarter Siri and Power-Saving Doze Mode!

Apple has made it a trend of theirs to consistently roll out new iterations if their iOS Operating System every year at the WWDC conference in June, just like the previous years and this time, the event is going to be grander and the iOS is gonna be bigger than ever before. The first iPhone as well as the first iteration of the iOS was rolled out back in 2007 and the current year being the tenth anniversary of the IOS platform line-up is more or less unprecedented that the Cupertino-based firm is planning something big for the iOS 11.

Now there have been a considerable amount of speculations revolving around what the iOS 11 is slated to offer further from the previously rolled out iOS 10 and Apple enthusiasts have wasted no time in putting together a wish-list of their own for the upcoming iteration of the iOS.

Here are some of the things that the upcoming iOS 11 is already slated to feature-

  • A Smarter-Better Siri

There is no doubt surrounding the fact that Siri is perhaps on of the most convenient features of the iOS with more and more companies striving to incorporate the virtual assistant program inside their own devices. With the iOS 10, Apple made iIri available for the Macbook series of premium laptops with the company and the iOS 11 is slated to feature even more advancements from its previus iterations. The new Siri is expected to support text commands in additional to voice commands making the assistant multi-functional. This particular function will prove all the more useful in case of business meeting where an over the top out-loud SIri is not considered a very good idea.

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The US-tech conglomerate has now opened up Siri for third party applications as well. This means that now, Siri can be used to manage non-apple apps like Whatsapp and WeChat and perform operations with voice control instructions.  Apart from the social networking applications, Siri can also be used for a wide range of necessary applications like Uber and Lyft as well as fitness apps in the likes of RunKeeper, MapMyRun or Runtastic.

  • A Power-Doze Mode

Apple devices are probably the most premium ones in the market packing in the latest technologies paired up with killer looks. However, the power output of these devices are incredibly high and with the advent of 4G internet and high-end applications, a device’s battery does take a hit now and the. The Power Doze Mode is one such mode which the iOS 11 is slated to feature. Using the Doze mode, every secondary application on your device will be automatically paused after your device battery reaches a certain level. . Google with their Android Marshmallow OS, introduced the ‘Doze Mode’ which helps to save the handset’s battery when it is stationary, and the screen is off. And something quite similar is expected from the iPhone makers with their upcoming operating system.

We can’t be anymore exited about the iOS 11 and hoping it to be a bang! 😀 Lets wait and see..


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