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Nanoleaf Hexagon Panels: A new way to style your home

An AI light panel that learns, senses and reacts to your needs, without any voice or manual control

Nanoleaf, the makers of the “Canvas Smart Home” lighting system, has a new product for us. It’s the Nanoleaf Hexagon. They are now taking their decorative light panels one step ahead with a new smart lighting system. The company claims that the new panels “intuitively learns, senses and reacts to users needs”. You don’t have to rely on voice or manual control as the company claims. It uses their special “U-IQ” sensors and algorithms.


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“At Nanoleaf, we don’t believe people want to spend time configuring schedules, opening an app or even use voice commands. So we asked ourselves, ‘what should smart lighting actually feel like?’” said Nanoleaf CEO and co-founder Gimmy Chu. “With the Learning Series, we’re creating a truly intelligent lighting system that learns, senses and reacts, so that your lighting simply works as you need it to, and rarely require any adjustments.”

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Unified Hexagon Light Panels

The Nanoleaf panels are compatible with the previous model, the “Canvas” panels. So if you currently own the Nanoleaf Canvas, you could expand your setup and create different shapes with the hexagons and squares.

You could always add them to a different room, and create unique shapes and make them match the colours of the room, or the colours of the scenery outside your house, from the window. The company has claimed that these lights will be a part of a series of future unified products that will work seamlessly together and offer even more shapes to light up your walls.

The company also pointed that the new lights will come with an improved mounting system that won’t damage your walls. Thus it should be easier to arrange the panels to fit your needs. The panels react to touch, and also include other cool features of Nanoleaf products. It includes a new dynamic music visualiser, layered scenes, screen mirroring and lots more.

The nanoleaf hexagons use the new Connect+ technology. The Connect + logo gives a hint at what’s to come, with shapes for the original triangular Nanoleaf panels, the soon to be released Hexagonal panels, and possibly smaller interconnecting light panels. How this concept will work with the company’s current ‘Canvas’ panels, is another question, however…



Nanoleaf Hexagon Pricing and Availability

They’re available for pre-order now on the company’s website, and will be shipping on 30th June. You can get Discounts, starting from 10% for the different bundles on offer. The pricing is as follows

  • Hexagon Starter Kit | 9 Panels – US$179.99 (US$19.99 per panel)
  • Hexagon Bundle I | 15 Panels – US$271.99 (US$18.13 per panel)
  • Hexagon Bundle II | 21 Panels – US$351.96 (US$16.76 per panel)

So, if you want to be one of the first to get these new lighting panels, head over to their site and enter for notifications when they prepare to ship, as pre-orders for this product is closing soon.

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