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  • Dec- 2015 -
    28 December

    Google Now New Voice Commands

    Google Now is one of the most important features of the android ecosystem. The latest version is now even smarter as it implements 9 new commands. This is now available to all Android users who have access to Google Now on their devices. Google Now has helped android users with hands free operation for a while. Among the 9 new commands the most useful one maybe the command to turn the flashlight on. Suppose you’re in a dark room and you are trying to find you’re phone, you simply say “OK Google,turn on the flashlight” and it’ll help you get…

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  • 27 December

    Hello world! And this is how TekhDecoded begins

    Welcome Everyone! We are starting the TekhDecoded again. TekhDecoded used to be under the domainship of InMyPlanet Networks at But it is currently independent under its own domainship, i.e. But, yet it is powered by So, what happened? There was once a problem in the server in which InMyPlanet was hosted (of course TekhDecoded was also hosted on the server). It was a VPS server hosted in Tokyo powered by Ubuntu 14.04 LTS OS with support of Serverpilot. So, it so happened that I (Animesh) decided to shift the server to a new server, and remove the…

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