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Two-dimensional digital game development for Android architecture


Let’s remember that Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux kernel and other open source software. It allows users to install games on their mobile devices. Video games are one of the most important industries at the moment, with some industrial titles selling for tens of millions, and with revenues and profits higher than those of the cinema and the TV. However, video games on Android phones are in great demand because many users download games to spend their hobbies.

How are the digital games developed?

In order to have a well-developed project such as video games, they were established under different programming languages ​​such as:

Java, it is present everywhere and can be used practically on all platforms. It uses OOP methodologies, and has many similarities to C ++, which means that the two can be learned in parallel.

The Java virtual machine translates Java code into byte-codes that run on virtually any system. This makes it extremely versatile and popular with video game developers.

Due to the availability of open source modules, Java is widely used to create games on many platforms, but especially Android. Some popular frameworks like LibGDX and JMonkeyEngine, for 2D and 3D games respectively, also help a lot in C ++ development.

C++ is always included in the best programming lists for game development. When used efficiently, the language has a superfast execution time, which is critical when it comes to video games.

C++ took C and added Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to expand its capabilities. The downside for beginners is that the barrier to entry is high.

C++ is a learning tool with a reputation for being difficult to learn, but once you get the hang of it.

C++ is a learning tool with a reputation for being difficult to learn, but once you master it, you can master any other language. It is widely used to create games on PlayStation and Xbox, and it is one of the most common that you will come across to create games.

It allows users to have more control over hardware, memory management, and graphics, making it perfect for creating video games. Knowing C ++ will dramatically increase your employ-ability within the video game industry. Just do any search to find out.

C# is another powerful language with a wide variety of uses. It’s easier to learn than C ++, so it might be better to learn it first. Several factors make C # a great choice for creating games. The first is the availability of specific frameworks for videogames, such as the popular Unity and Xamarin, Wave engine from our friends at Plain Conceptos, Godot or MonoGame, among many others. C # can be used to create games on virtually any platform, including iOS, Android, PlayStation, XBox, and Windows.

This is a language that opens many doors and allows almost all users to enjoy your creation regardless of the hardware they use.

JavaScript and HTML5

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages ​​for developing video games. Naturally, it works well with HTML and CSS and is very suitable for online games.

JavaScript can be used in both the backend and the frontend of web development and has a very large and valuable online community, as well as a huge number of frameworks available. JavaScript has proven to be an extremely versatile language and, with the help of specialized libraries, it can be used for iOS and Android applications, desktop applications, and other hardware.

On the other hand, humble HTML has come a long way since it was first released and HTML5 is the current version. With many new APIs and some amazing graphics capabilities, it works hand-in-hand with JavaScript to create a wide range of online video games.

Currently, there are countless libraries and frameworks specialized in creating games with this language, which can be taken to any platform. Among the most popular are Phaser, pixi.js or Babylon.js, but there are many more. All are also open source and free. JavaScript can also be used for Unity3D scripts.


Named after legendary British comedy collective Monty Python, this is another powerful programming language used for many things, but also for game development. Like the previous ones, it works on OOP principles and has proven to be a flexible language used in many applications.

One of the main benefits that Python offers is its Pygame framework, which allows developers to quickly and easily prototype their games. Pyglet and PyOpenGL also deserve special mention.

Swift are Apple applications, so Swift is a reliable, fast, relatively easy to learn and multipurpose language.

If you want to build apps for Mac and iOS devices, Swift is a better solution than cross-platform languages.

Swift programmers can use Apple’s SceneKit and SpriteKit when it comes to developing ideas, but are limited to using Apple’s brand hardware.

Android games are getting heavier

By including graphics, audio and higher quality three-dimensional models, that’s why Google has been working for a while on how to lighten the downloads of them to our phones. Especially for those cases in which we download a first part and then, when we open the game, the title asks us for an extra download. In many cases, much more voluminous than the initial discharge.

Now, this method has already been presented. Google has called it “Google Play Asset Delivery“, something that can be translated as “Google Play Asset Delivery” and which consists of an API for developers to adapt their games to it. Thanks to this API, we will be able to download a first playable part of the different adapted titles, and the rest will continue to be downloaded in the background so as not to interrupt the experience.

Not all mobile apps are the same. There are many types of apps. But without a doubt the most downloaded and those that obtain the highest return on investment are games. There are many companies that want to bet on creating mobile games as a business.

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