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Finally a brand you can trust with MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI chipset

This was real quick, continuing the legacy of Nord, the OnePlus releases Nord 2 which is soon going to hit the market hard. One unique thing to observe in the specification is One Plus had a major tagline of Pretty Much everything you could ask for during the launch of Nord, now this is replaced as Everything you could ask for as the main tagline for Nord 2. A Flagship Killer? OnePlus seems promising with this, so let’s get deep into it.

Key Specifications which makes it different from Nord

OnePlus is serious when it says everything you could ask for, it’s obvious that the sequel should have some brilliant specifications that differ from the previous version. Nord is powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G 5G that supports OxygenOS 10 based on Android™ 10 whereas Nord 2 has advanced performance which is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI that supports OxygenOS 11.3 based on Android™ 11. With this, you can say for sure that Nord 2 has really good performance capabilities, with MediaTek as a secret lab to create a mad scientist’s dream of a phone nervous system: the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI chipset. MediaTek’s DORA AI platform enhances Nord 2’s AI-focused features. It’s pointless to mention 5G connectivity, as all flagship killer smartphones since 2019 are already in the 5G world, but what truly great is that it provides two 5G SIM card slots.

OnePlus never fail to amaze with its stunning fluid AMOLED display with refresh Rate of 90Hz, well in this case there is no major difference between Nord and Nord 2, but with the help of MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI chipset Nord 2 supports high refreshing Games which is complete heaven to gamers. As it is powered by MediaTek’s fastest and most powerful chip, it supports an instant upgrade to pretty much everything. Shoot clearer, higher-quality photos and videos. Game faster. Maybe even win more. Stream more cinema-like experiences. The possibilities are limitless.

Nord 2 is faster and whole out in next level, Nord provides warp Charge 30T refill Nord from 0 to 70% in just half an hour, but as mentioned Nord 2 is in next level and smooth as one of the fastest chargers ever with warp charge 65 rockets Nord 2’s 4500mAh battery up to a day’s power in just 15 minutes.

OnePlus charging technology is smart enough to keep your phone cool during heavy use.

So now we are talking about the presence, but OnePlus promised everything you could ask for, but this was just a kind of trailer.

Mind-blowing Camera Quality

Is the camera worth the price? You can say for sure that the OnePlus Nord 2 did complete justice with camera functionality based on its price, I say it’s completely next level.

OnePlus Nord 2 has a shot performance-enhancing technology and a stunning 50 MP AI triple camera system with a Sony IMX766 sensor, optical image stabilization (OIS), and a ton of AI artwork. It supports 119° ultra-wide lens on a triple camera with the extra reach to fit more of what you want in-frame. OIS(Optical image stabilization) helps to make smooth and crystal clear photos and videos, Nord 2’s OIS weave HDR cinematic at resolutions up to 1080p. There is more, Nord 2 comes with an amazing 32 MP front camera, making your selfies look more realistic. The camera detects and optimizes up to 5 faces for selfies that are a bit less self-centered.

More pixels mean higher resolutions, better zoom, and intricate details. Heard of capturing both sides of the image view, and being a more rounded storyteller. Capture 1080p video from the main and front cameras simultaneously with Dual View Video and create dynamic videos that showcase more of your world. Nord 2 provides magnificent super resolution, allowing you to zoom into images up to 4x.

Advanced Sensors Embedded and other features

Nord 2 offers a powerful sensor Sony IMX766, which sucks up 56% more light for colorful images, extra sharpness, and smooth low-light shooting. And it’s at the core of Nord 2’s main camera. The IMX766 is the same sensor used for the ultra-wide cameras on the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro.

Nord 2 uses Smart Ambient Display, which offers AI and light-sensing technology to optimize Nord 2’s screen readability whenever you’re outside exploring. Nord 2 also optimises, Nightscape Ultra which paints your photos with vivid color and contrast in lighting as low as 1 lux. With help of Night Portraits you can optimize lighting, focus, and skin tone to make your nighttime portrait shots look crystal clear.

Nord 2’s introduces stunning dual stereo speakers and new Haptics 2.0. Seriously, this phone sounds and feels better than previous smartphones, OnePlus has made so far. OnePlus upgraded Haptics 2.0 to give Nord 2 almost an emotional level of sensitivity.

It also upgraded dual-stereo speakers with customized Dirac drivers to give your music that head-turning blast of sound it needs to help you get your groove on. So not just camera and battery, you can also experience pure and realistic music with advanced upgrades of speakers.

Color Variants

  • Blue Haze
  • Gray Sierra
  • Green woods

Price Availability

  • 27,999 INR for 6GB RAM + 128 GB storage.
  • 29,999 INR for 8GB RAM + 128 GB storage.
  • 34,999 INR for 12GB RAM + 256 GB storage.


OnePlus Nord 2 is definitely a complete flagship killer with a decent price with advanced features and sensors. If anyone is looking for an upgrade, then OnePlus Nord 2 should be an ideal choice. Photo pixels of different camera modes and Video Pixels of different shooting may vary. Please refer to the actual situation.

Get notified.

In case you missed it, watch out for the Oneplus Nord 2 launch event.

For more information on OnePlus Nord 2. Click here.

For detailed specifications, click here.

Information Credits : OnePlus

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