Need a speedy external SSD? Patriot has you covered with the PXD!

Patriot launched a new PXD M.2 PCIe USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C External SSD

When pen drives/flash drives/USB sticks arrived, you could carry gigabytes of data in your pocket. But now, thanks to the rise of external SSDs, you can carry terabytes of data in your pocket. Patriot PXD SSDs is the answer. Back then, external storage drives were great for portability, but were really slow as hard drives had a read write speed of around 30 to 50MB/s. But now, thanks to SSDs(Solid State Drives), we can transfer files at around 1000 MB/s using the USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 interface. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance when using external storage devices, and SSDs are the answer.



PXD rear

Design, compatibility and connectivity

So Patriot launched their latest external SSD and it’s a speedy device. It’s actually an internal NVMe m.2 PCIe drive which is housed in a light blue aluminium body and weighs just 35 grams. That’s connected via USB-C and gives a peak read and write speed of 1000MB/s. The aluminium body looks pretty durable, and could last a long time. The drive is compatible with both Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.13, but for older systems, Patriot said that a driver may be required. For connectivity, you get a USB-C to USB-C cable bundled, as well as a USB-C to USB-A cable so the drive can be natively used across many devices including desktop, notebooks, and games consoles like the PS5 when it released.

the new Patriot PXD SSDs are based on the Phison PS5013-E13T DRAM-less controller with 3D NAND memory. It uses a USB 3.2 Gen2 bus which tops out at 10 Gb/s, and thus you get sequential read and write speeds peaking out at 1000 MB/s. It is designed for users looking for a high-speed and lightweight portable storage device, with much faster read and write speeds than conventional USB flash drives, or even portable SATA based SSDs.

USB-C to USB-A cable

“Featured with the latest PCIe Gen3x4 controller series controller, bus speed up to 10Gbit/sec, and the latest USB 3.2 Type-C interface, the PXD is available in capacities from 512GB to 2TB. At just 4.05-inch (L) x 1.24-inch (W) x 0.38-inch (H), and lightweight at 1.23oz, the PXD is the perfect solution for those who need large super-fast storage in a compact design,” says Patriot.

The company also says, “The PATRIOT PXD M.2 PCIe Type-C External SSD is bridging the gap between internal and external SSDs by combining the latest PCIe Gen3x4 controller with the USB 3.2 interface to build the best external drive for the media professionals. The PXD is protected by an industrial-grade aluminium chassis offering extra durability and supports the SuperSpeed USB 10Gpbs transfer over the USB 3.2 Type-C interface.”


Roger Shinmoto, Vice President of PATRIOT provides the following statement.

Storage brands are always looking to improve their products at the specification level and often overlook the compatibility and user experience; the PXD brings the perfect balance between them all. More importantly, the PXD is made for any user, including desktop PC, laptop, MacBook, and console gamers


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Patriot PXD Features and Specs:

  •   Latest PCIe Gen3x4 Controller
  •   Bus speed up to 10Gbit/sec
  •   Latest USB 3.2 Type-C Interface
  •   Solid aluminum body design
  •   Lightweight: 1.23oz/35g
  •   Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 70°C
  •   Power Consumption: Full: 2.5W S4:0.06W
  •   Type-C to Type-C, Type-C to Type-A cable included
  •   Sequential Read (ATTO): up to 1,000MB/s
  •   Sequential Write (ATTO): up to 1,000MB/s
  •   Sequential Read (CDM): up to 1,000MB/s
  •   Sequential Write (CDM): up to 1,000MB/s
  •   OS Supported: Windows 10, Mac OS 10.13



The Patriot PXD can be bought directly from the Patriot Memory Store, or through Amazon and Newegg. On the main store, the prices are: 512GB: $122.99, 1TB: 224.99 and 2TB: 380.99. Newegg and Amazon are giving huge discounts on both. You could check them out instead. Currently, it’s out of stock on Amazon, and should be back soon.


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