TeamGroup’s new T-FORCE CARDEA Ceramic C440 is blazing fast, uses a beautiful heat spreader

The C440 is an M.2 SSD wich uses PCIe 4.0 and read/write speeds are 5GB/s and 4.4GB/s respectively

The new SSD from TeamGroup, the T-FORCE CARDEA Ceramic C440 is the latest in a line of PCIe 4.0 SSDs. They offer 2 capacities, 1 and 2 TB. The peak sequential read and write speeds are 5000MB/s (5GB/s) and 4400MB/s (4.4GB/s) respectively. This SSD could be a great addition as a boot drive owning to the fast r/w speeds. You could also use 2 of them in RAID 0 for boosting the capacity and performance, or RAID1 for mirroring the drives.


he CARDEA Ceramic C440 SSD is based on the NVMe 1.3 specification with the faster PCIe Gen4 x4 interface, and this interface enables this drive to reach up to speeds as high as 5,000 MB/s when reading off the SSD and 4,400 MB/s when writing to the drive. The SSD uses 3D NAND stacking in a three dimensional way in order to get a total capacity of 2TB. It offers support for “S.M.A.R.T function” – including such as GC (garbage collection), TRIM command, LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) error correction mechanism, E2E Data Protection, which are all designed to “help in operation efficiency and to prolong the service life of the SSD”.

Read Write speeds of PCIe 4.0


The heat spreader used is an aerospace ceramic material which improves heat dissipation. Ceramic by itself is always known for being excellent at heat dissipation, and it’s a great insulator. There’s around 18% heat reduction when used in a case with a fan. The SSD is also lightweight, thin, free from electromagnetic interference, as well as being high and extreme temperature shock resistant. It’s also made of environmentally friendly materials, and is RoHS complaint. The thickness is just 1mm

Ultra thin NVMe SSD

Pricing and Availability

As of now, there is no pricing nor availability yet, so you can check out their site until the SSDs are released.

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