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Q Dock Charger: Redefining Minimalism

Have you ever felt the need for a podium to charge your beloved smartphone ? To display to the world thy phone in all its glory and well also to give the charging port attached to the cable  that extra protection. OOSH Design have a come up with one such project called the “Q Dock”.The Q Dock is a result of a minimalistic  obsession and is something that will fit any domestic environment.

This little dock comes in 3 material types stainless steel , brass and copper all of them being precisely machine manufactured . The docks bottom surface is made of rubber with micro tiny feet which will provide great stability because of the friction between the surfaces. This dock is designed for the Iphone 5 and 6 of all varieties as well as the iPad mini.The dock’s height is perfectly calculated so that earphones can be used while the phone is on charge which is a welcome addition.

Q-Dock Charger


The top of the dock has a small orifice where the lighting fast charging cable can be docked and the phone can then be hooked onto the cable.However I am not thoroughly convinced with the design of the dock considering that the entire weight of the phone would have to borne by the lightning adapter . There seems to be a blaring fault in the design and that there is impending doom.I on the other hand might be incorrect and the lightning cord could withstand the stress and prove to be of good design and only time will tell.

The beauty of the dock also lies in nature of the material of its design . The copper and brass age over time and give it a more antique and aesthetic finish as the metal corrodes.The company has currently established partnership with many reputable manufacturing facilities in China.The production and availability of the product however will depend on the success of its kickstarter campaign.

If you’re interested in the product head over to the link below and back its kickstarter campaign for a chance to receive your very own beautiful Q Dock.



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