Samsung will be unveiling their first 5nm chip, the Exynos 1080 on 12th November

This is a midrange chip, and would definitely not come in the S21 series.

The Exynos 1080 is Samsung’s first chip based on the 5nm architecture fabricated by Samsung themselves. According to tipster ice universe, South Korean tech giant Samsung is all set to launch the Exynos 1080 on 12th November. The post also added that the SoC (System on a Chip) will be unveiled in a virtual event in Shanghai China. Unfortunately, there’s hardly any information revealed about the chipset, or which smartphone models will be using this chip.

Back on 9th October, Samsung’s Dr. Pan Xuebao revealed a few details of the chip, saying that it will be the successor to the Exynos 980, use 5G, Cortex A78 cores, running at up to 3GHz, Mali G78 GPU, and that Vivo X60 will be the first phone to be powered by the new chip.


It was earlier reported that the Exynos 1080 is meant for China and that does seem to be the case, given that the chip will be unveiled in Shanghai, China and the unveiling event appears to be targeted at Chinese consumers only.

Ice universe noted that this is the first time when Samsung is holding an event for unveiling a chip, which means that Samsung is paying attention, and is increasing focus on it’s chip arm.

The Antutu listing reveals a score close to 700k. This positions the Exynos 1080 slightly ahead of the Snapdragon 865+ which powers phones like the Rog phone 3, Lenovo Legion, and Samsung Note 20.

The GPU score is a tad under 300k which trumps the scores of the Rog phone 3, and Lenovo Legion.

Samsung often equips the American and Chinese variants of its phones with chipmaker Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs, and other models get the Exynos chips. The company received heavy criticism this year for the growing gap between its proprietary chips and Snapdragon SoCs. Here’s a video by Youtuber MrWhosetheboss criticizing the vast difference between the two chips in both performance and efficiency.

This apparently prompted the chipmaker to make some changes to its chip operations. The company will reportedly no longer use its own Mongoose CPUs and will instead employ ARM’s CPU cores to give the performance a boost. It is also apparently going to replace Mali GPUs with AMD GPUs for better graphics next year.
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