The Death of the Flagships

Hey everyone, I am back on TD with a new editorial. Since the year is almost over, I think it’s safe to assume that aside from Google’s future phones (Nexus or Pixel, who knows?), most companies announced what they had to offer for 2016. As I was looking through the list of what came out, a question came to mind. Is the flagship dying? Now, I know hundreds of articles were written on the subject and I won’t pretend that I’m better than others. All I have is my opinion. I am going to go ahead and predict that flagships are…. Not dying!

The way I see it, pretty much every other website say the flagships are dying and the budget phones are getting better. I read the articles and I saw the arguments. I think there will always be more people buying top phones than anything else. Ads are everywhere and they don’t try to sell you the Samsung Prime.. They are pushing the S7 Edge or the Note 7(BOOM). Mr and Mrs everyone buys what tv tells them to buy. They are not on websites like TD to figure out what’s what and which phone is worth their money. They watch TV and movies and they see James Bond with a S7 and Rihanna with the iPhone 7(cant hear you, no headphones) and they jump on it. They don’t care that android phones are better hardware-wise. They don’t care ios is simpler. They care that people see they have the newest thing.


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Human beings are all about appearance and this is why flagships will never die. The geeks that we are shake ours heads and facepalm ourselves with our shiny Oneplus 3 but hey, admit it, we bought it cause other geeks will see we know what we are talking about, so in the end… it’s all about apparences… Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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