Moto Droid Genesis: Definetely Gives Project Ara a Run for the Money!

We haven’t really seen Project Ara Smartphones coming up so well or frequent. We have only seen partially Modular phones which didn’t perform that well in the markets which the brands expected to be. Well.. Here we bring the Moto Droid Genesis, the ultimate Modular phone which can drive you crazy anytime with its killing looks and features!

Dubbed Moto Droid Genesis, this is a modular smartphone that would make the Project Ara quake in its boots. The creation of Ke’Don Franklin, a designer from USA, this project is detailed below.

The designer mentions that he wanted to bring the “true Droid look” back and also that uniqueness that has to do with the initial projects related to modularity that Google and Moto had. As far as I can see, this concept phone features a prominent Moto Droid branding, as well as a big camera lens, a modular portion for the camera flash, as well as a variety of other memory, storage modules, plus connectivity ones.

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The Moto Droid Genesis!
The Moto Droid Genesis!


The lit up volume buttons are badass and I’m guessing that attachments are made magnetically and via pins. I can also spot a series of holes above the Droid logo, looking like connectors from older PCs, possibly used to attach modules by inserting associated pins there. If you ask me the biggest problem of modularity is actually removing modules, not attaching them…

Excellent design by the way, with a bit of a Terminator vibe to it. Let’s hope Motorola implements this design into a real life handset. We guarantee it will have some huge sales for sure! Common Moto, show us your skills 😀 Anyways, Let us know in the comment sections what you think of this design and would you like to see it ? We would love to know your thoughts!

[via Behance]

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