The Lab from OnePlus: Your Chance to Test Drive the OnePlus 3!

OnePlus recently came up with the idea of “The Lab“. Its a platform where users sign up by submitting an application containing a 500 word paragraph as to why they think OnePlus should select them for Test Driving the OnePlus 3. This is a global program and only 30 users will be selected out of all submitted applications.

Those 30 users will then have to send feedback and their opinions of the OnePlus 3 in the form of a common product review. Its quite an ingenious idea perhaps.

OnePlus highly relies on user feedback to tweek their hardware and software and this will be a major game changer for them. Consumers will also be able to communicate with the team of the 30 elites and discuss the issues they have with their OnePlus product. However, its hard to say if this would bring any significant figure changes in their sales. That can only be determined by advertisments, and opinions of top notch reviewers such as MKBHD.

Do you think ” The Lab” is a good initiative? Let us know in the comments below! And also, are you going to Apply for it? 😀


[Source: DroidMen]

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