The Snapdragon 835 – All the Details!

So the snapdragon 835, Qualcomm’s flagship processor for 2017 is finally here and will be shown off at CES a few days later. They claim it to be smaller, faster and more energy efficient than any other processor in history, which is a pretty boastful statement. It has a best in class 10nm design and over 3 million transistors.

Although its supposed to be 27% faster than 821, its geekbench score says otherwise. There is hardly any change in both single core and multi core scores and it couldn’t manage to beat Huawei’s Kirin 960, Samsung’s exynos 8890 and even the Apple A10 from last year

Thanks to its 30% smaller size and 40% more power efficiency, manufacturers will be able to fit in bigger batteries and get more life out of them.

Possibly the best feature we will get from this SOC is Quick charge 4.0 which promises to give 5 hours of usage in just 5 minutes of charging.  It would be really interesting to see whether it beats OnePlus’s Dash charge and by what margin.

The 835 also has the following major optimizations:

VR ready – with thermal and power constraints, along with 25% better graphics and 20% reduction in motion-to-photon latency. Devices will no longer over-heat while using a VR headset

Snapdragon 835

Photography – finally 4K videos will have stabilization through EIS 3.0 (electronic image stabilisation) with support for dual photodiode and enhanced autofocus technology

Network – It sports an X16 LTE modem and 802.11 ad WiFi networks giving it 10 times faster peak download speeds.

Machine Learning – 2017 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence and Qualcomm has acknowledged that, enabling features like object recognition and real time hand tracking for better VR experiences, along with biometric authentication.

How many of you guys are actually excited about the release of the Snapdragon 835? What are your actual expectations ? Do let us know in the comment sections below! 😀 Cheers!


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