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World’s first gaming laptop with 1440p resolution and 165Hz display launched by Eluktronics, comes with Intel 10th generation processors and RTX 2070 super GPUs

Eluktronics launched 3 of them, Mech-15 G3 QHD, Max-15 QHD, and Max-17 QHD

Eluktronics just launched a new laptop in the market, and the company claims is the world’s first to be equipped with a high-quality IPS 1440p display that offers a 165Hz refresh rate. It has also been confirmed that the display panel of this new laptop has been built by China-based BOE. The laptops come with a few accessories too. You get a “large @$$ mousepad”, HIVE-65 mouse, Covert Cans 7.1 gaming headset, and a 10 feet HDMI cable all worth $189. The models start from $2199 going all the way to $2299. All models are available on preorder with the expected ship date being “guaranteed before Christmas”

Eluktronics Mech 15 gaming laptop


Eluktronics laptop specs

All 3 models have the same specifications. They all have an Intel processor which is an 8 core, 16 threaded Intel i7-10870H with a base clock of 2.2GHz and turbo of 5GHz. The RAM is 16GB at a clock speed of 2933MHz split between 2 sticks for dual channel support.

Eluktronics Max 15 gaming laptop


The GPU here is the RTX 2070 super which is a gaming beast and would be powerful enough to run games at 1440p with decent framerates. The Mech-15 G3 QHD, and Max-15 QHD consist of 15.6 inches display size whereas the Max-17 QHD houses the 17.3 inches display size.

Eluktronics Max 17 gaming laptop


This display panel offers a maximum brightness of 318 nits and also offers 100 percent sRGB coverage and 87 percent Adobe RGB coverage. Thanks to the high refresh rate, the screen response time is 2.5ms, making it suitable for high paced games.

All three models have different designs. The Mech-15 laptop’s design has RGB lighting on each key, but it is only shown through a specific key, while the Max laptop design has RGB lighting around each of the individual keys. while the Mech 15 and Max 15 have the same screen size, they’re both priced at $2199 whereas the larger Max-17 costs $100 extra and comes in at $2299.

You can pre-order the laptops from their official site, and get a guaranteed delivery before Christmas. The links are on the laptop model.

Mech-15 G3 QHD

Max-15 HQD

Max-17 QHD

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