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10 Best Influencer Marketing Trends to Consider in 2019

It has nearly two months as 2019 has got a moment and underway to correctly, we believe influencer promotion will grow within the next 1-2 weeks to get our forecasts. Most of our influencer advertising forecasts for 2018 and 2017 proven to be accurate. Just how true will our predictions for that advertising trends for 2019 function?

Influencer marketing matured last year. Indeed, it is now mainstream, to the point where many consider it a legitimate extension of content marketing, as the most effective means of content delivery. Although it has suffered a few niggles, such as fake followers and influencers not disclosing their promotional activities, influencer marketing has grown from strength to strength over recent years.

It’s going to be interesting to observe how influencer marketing further evolves over 2019. You may see our predicted influencer marketing trends continue to be positive. Despite some clickbait headlines proclaiming, “Influencer promotion is dead,” we find just positive vibes. It indeed has become the most effective method for brands to send their message to cynical consumers.

Given below are the 10 best influencer marketing trends to consider in 2019:

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Better Focus on Micro-Influencers and Nano-Influencers

Influencer marketing produced out of celebrity marketing. To the ordinary man in the road, influencer marketing involves brands dealing with men and women that are highly successful. They might not realize a plug made for a product in a site that they read could be an example of influencer marketing.

We have extensively written about different sorts of influencer. We’ve signposted the boost in popularity of micro-influencers. Indeed one of our 2017 forecasts were that micro-influencers could have more influence than actors will.

Influencer definitions have persisted fluid over the years. There has been some conversation, though, that there are now 4 kinds of influencers on social media:

  • Mega-influencers – Social superstars with more than a million followers. These are often celebrities as of reputation they have increased in the “real” world
  • Macro-influencers – Influencers with around 100,000 and 1 million followers
  • Micro-influencers – Somebody who has between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. We have campaigned the capability of micro-influencers to feast a message. While their following may be minor, their genuineness is high
  • Nano-influencers – Somebody with less than 1,000 followers who has a huge effect with a moderately narrow market. For example, a nano-influencer may be the person with the most trustworthiness in a specific neighborhood

Mega-influencers are just to a couple of brands of value. All these individuals could be famous, but they do influence peoples’ behavior. Just because you’re able to recognize a star’s name, will not signify that you respect them enough to obtain these products they urge.

While macro-influencers may have a lot of admiration in their niche, there is typically too much race for most brands to work with them. Macro-influencers can choice and select the brands they need as their corporate partners.

This leaves nano-influencers and micro-influencers for the typical enterprise. Since 2019 advances, we expect more brands to choose to get the job done with the influencers in these categories.

You might feel that a nano-influencer will create small impact – that they do not have enough followers. Nano-influencers are the best individuals to plagiarize the virtues of a brand to a niche that is narrow or special. When a brand assembles a relationship having a nano-influencer, then folks consider it genuine and authentic.

Brands will need to balance the higher authenticity and participation of nano-influencers with the reach of micro-influencers. It is likely to be interesting to find out which way nearly all brands decide to go in 2019.

Brands will Encourage Long-Terms Associations with Influencers

It’s been common until now for brands to presume short-term making use of their influencer campaigns. They’ve got an idea for a campaign. They search for influencers (whether organically, using a stage, or with the assistance of a service). Either the influencers or the brand creates the effort, depending on the quantity of control the company requires. The brand then (hopefully) investigations the outcomes of their campaign, and then moves on something else. Often, the influencer identification procedure is repeated by the next campaign.

Because influencer marketing becomes very popular, is a danger that influencers choose and will pick the brands with whom they wish to work. Fantastic influencers are likely to “fill up” their calendar together with paid promotions. They are going to lose their very best influencers because of believing when a brand isn’t careful.

There are signs in early 2019, though, that this trend is altering. When brands discover relevant influencers, they now emphasis on building long-term dealings.

The rise in the Significance of Video

It was not that many years back that people were discouraged by using video on the web. It slowed an individual experience and gobbled up bandwidth. That has now shifted. Video now plays at an acceptable speed on Wi-Fi online systems and most wired. With the spread of 5G networks, you can even play video on the cheapest smartphones.

All the leading social networks have understood this alteration. YouTube has had a video emphasis since its beginning, of course, but the other big players – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn now all cater to video content. Google search results prefer videos soon, too.

Much like the majority of matters influencers have headed this tendency. Influencers will be the pioneers in their network. They reveal their followers the trends within their niche and lead the fee networking adds a brand-new feature. It ought to not be any real surprise which influencers a few of the regular duplicates of video over the assortment of programs are that are social.

Facebook’s User Base will Deteriorate or Drop

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2018 was a year Mark Zuckerberg would wish to overlook. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal may have been a slow heat, but it came till head last year. The consequences for both Facebook and Instagram are still being felt as 2019 starts.

Possibly the most worrying anxiety for Mr. Zuckerberg, though, is that for the first time, Facebook numbers are falling. In the last year, Facebook users cut down from 67 percent of Americans ages 12 and older to 62 percent. This fall has been steady across age groups and genders.

Instagram will Stay Essential to Influencer Marketing Success

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It’s ironic that at precisely the same period that Facebook has been currently having a beating because of the activities that are data-breaching its stage Instagram is high in popularity.

Instagram overdrew the 1 billion active users per month mark in 2018. Its status continues, irrespective of matters faced at its parent firm.

Instagram has also been keen, adding to its gifts, presenting Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV in recent years.

Instagram is currently preferred for the younger generations’ social media site. They love its nature and the fact that it incorporates several their features of media platforms that are social.

It can help that Instagram has developed applications to help make the process easier and more straightforward and has taken to influencer marketing on board its importance. You can check out a great app GetInsta, which  helps you to get real and free followers and likes for Instagram.

IGTV Will Raise in Fame

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Earlier we sign-posted our belief that video will last to rise in importance in influencer promotion in 2019. Indeed, we hope to observe a trend of video across types of media channels that are social. One network anticipated to watch growth, however, is an Instagram offshoot, IGTV.

Instagram presented IGTV as their form of YouTube in mid-2018. IGTV is Instagram’s 2nd effort to make their version of one of the opposition social networks, with Instagram Stories being their form of Snap Chat.

Brands Will Emphasis on Arrangement Instead of Follower Numbers When Selecting Influencers

At early days of influencer advertising brands struggled to compare prospective influencers. Consequently, many chose to concentrate on follower numbers’ easily discoverable metric. Many brands focused on pitching their product with the follower numbers who came within their available budget into the influencers. A influencer can buy Instagram followers on Upleap.

More Influencers Will Function on a Business Basis

Throughout the past couple of decades, many influencers have begun to comprehend their success. They have realized that they are building your brand. We widely covered personal branding in 2019, including our Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding.

Revealing Influencer Sponsorship Will Become the Norm

After years of caution just such as the FTC, by regulatory bodies, people comprehend the significance of tagging content that is sponsored. 2019 might be the season when it will become the standard. AD disclosure is currently more prevalent. Together with Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook putting up a simple means for influencers to indicate articles the websites helped this.

To many people’s surprise, the rise in posts tagged as sponsored hasn’t murdered influencer marketing. Influencers who post authentically and align sponsored articles with the target markets that are appropriate, still perform well with their followers.

Generations Y and Y may have a hate of conventional adverts, but they’re prepared to take note of sponsored articles. It all comes home again to brand and influencer authenticity alignment and confidence — something that conventional advertisers may not fit.

Brands Will Come Together in the Fight against Fake Followers

One of the hottest topics in 2018 was the issue of fake followers. Brands are now going on the offensive and expect more determined action in 2019.

Unilever has made it clear that it will never work with people who they detect possess imitation followers, and other brands will follow. Fake followers could be the kiss of death to anyone stupid enough to continue the practice.

Unilever has made it clear that it will never work with people who they detect possess imitation followers, and other brands will follow. Fake followers could be the kiss of death to anyone stupid enough to continue the practice.

It’s surprisingly simple to see reports. They have been devaluing their accounts once someone buys followers. Few businesses waste their advertising and advertising and advertising budgets in 2019 on “influencers” that reveal some signs of having collaborated using bogus accounts.


Since founding a Digital Marketing Agency Cibirix, Ashish has used his marketing knowledge to lead the agency in generating truly efficient digital marketing experiences for clients.

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