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Earning money is not an easy affair. One has to slog throughout the day to make a healthy living. Well, so did our parents say? We even believe it today, right? But is it really that difficult as projected? Well, may not be so. Today one can earn money sitting at home at merely at a click of the mouse. Sounds too good to be true? But, we are no kidding. Today many are earning money by referring apps to another person. Yes, that’s how simple it is. All you need to do is to refer certain apps to your friends and contact list and you will be paid in return for publicising the same.

Here are the best 10 Refer and Earn Apps for the year 2018;

  1. NewsDog App Refer & Earn

NewsDog app is one of the best apps for “Refer and Earn” purpose. For referring the app to a single person, you can earn Rs 18! This is indeed the easiest Rs 18 that will be earned (other than stealing and of course, nobody wants that!). NewsDog is a News portal app that gives interesting news and it started with the Refer and Earn programme so that more and more people read their news. This is an unlimited earning scheme. People have also earned around a lakh by merely referring the app to others. So, waste no more time and download the app immediately and starting earning with each referral.

  1. Unocoin Refer & Earn

Yet another superb Refer and Earn apps. Unocoin is a platform where one can make a transaction of Bitcoins. Since Bitcoin is in the latest trend; hence this app gives you an opportunity to earn the maximum. For one referral one earns Rs 10 Paytm cash (unlimited referral) and also as a bonus you will be getting 15% of the transaction fees that your friend will be getting for making transactions for Bitcoins. Unocoin Refer and Earn is the most trending in the market as people a going crazy over buying and selling Bitcoins. Just download the app and start earning with a single click.


  1. Tez App Refer & Earn

Tez App is a well-known app by now. With increasing use f the UPI Payments, it is much easier to use the Tez app as compared to Paytm or Freecharge. Tez app gives Rs 51 as a sign-up bonus and Rs 51 again as a referral bonus. Now, that is a great deal! The money earned can be directly added to your bank account and one can earn up to Rs 9,000/- through this Refer and Earn app. Kindly note one has to enter the mobile no. as same as registered with the bank.

  1. PhonePe App Refer & Earn

The PhonePe App is another UPI payment and also a big rival of the Tez App. And hence, to be in the competition, this app gives Rs.100 as a referral bonus point! One can earn up to Rs 7500 by merely referring this app. Also, another bonus point which works for this app is that for each successful referral you will be rewarded with Rs. 75 each time when your friend (referral) links his/her bank account to the bank. And oh yes! Your friend will also be rewarded with Rs.75/-! So, this is a win-win situation for both and no reason not to do so.

  1. Fynd App Refer & Earn

Now, this is one refer and earn app which might be more interesting to the girls. Fynd app is a clothing e-commerce store. On referring this app your wallet will be credited with Rs 500. With sign-up of your friend you will be getting Rs 200, and in case they make any purchase; you will get Rs 100/- extra! Also, you can redeem flat 40% off of the Fynd referral cash on the total value of your products. So you see, can anything get better than this? And so easy? Now you literary have clothes almost for free! Go on, refer & shop! Don’t stop.

  1. Freecharge App Refer & Earn

Freecharge has become a common name by now within the “World of Apps”. Here you get a chance to recharge your mobile almost for free! Once you get your mobile number verified you get a 100% cashback for your first recharge. Also, if you recharge your mobile or any others with Rs 50, then you get Rs 50 as cash back (after entering REE2RKO as coupon code) – this is nothing but again a 100% cashback! Getting a 100% cashback on mobile recharge is like a boon and simply cannot be missed! So, no more worrying about running out of balance and recharges, instead you can talk your heart out! Hurry on, download the app and start the fun with Refer and earn.

  1. Injoy App Refer & Earn

One cannot simply ignore the Injoy app while discussing the Refer and Earn apps. Injoy is a fun app where one can read, post and share LOL gifs, Pictures, and funny videos. One gets Rs. 5 for each share and Rs. 30 paytm cash on sign up. Now, could earning money be this fun? Now, you may be thinking that the referral money is too low. Well, that’s true but don’t make the mistake to ignore this refer app. This app works on very simple terms and one can very easily earn thousands by simply refer the app to his/her friends. Unlike the other apps, it doesn’t hold any complicated process (like linking of bank accounts) and hence very easy to earn cash by just a click.

  1. Kapow App Refer & Earn

Now, how many of us have been actually scolded for playing a game on our mobile phone? Almost all of us, right? And mostly it ends with the accusation that playing games in the mobile will eventually do no good. Well, what if you get to earn money by playing your favorite game? That indeed sounds crazy, but is the truth! Now you can play games in your mobiles across genres like Puzzles, racing games, Zombie shooters, and sports. Play the game, invite your friends and earn cash with each referral! Who knew earning cash could be this fun! Kapow users get Rs 10 to sign up and each referral. One can redeem your money to Paytm wallet once it reaches the limit of Rs. 50/- so, the next time somebody scolds you for playing games on mobile, just ask him/her to keep calm, as you are earning hardcore cash!


  1. UC browser Refer & Earn

Now, who doesn’t know UC browser? UC browser has come up with this Refer and Earn offer where one gets Rs. 10/- for sign up and Rs. 20 for each reference. One can earn unlimited real money by simply referring the browser to your friends. One can also redeem this into Paytm money once, you get to reach the limit of Rs. 200. This helps the browser in publicising and helps us by filling in our pocket.

  1. MyTeam App Refer & Earn

Are you a fan of playing cricket on your mobile phone? Well, then MYTeam App is just the app for you. All you need to do is to download the app, sign up with your mobile and play the game. For each referral, you get Rs 50 and you can also earn more by playing the game. Also entering the referral code of JBZ5FSKR3C will help you get Rs. 100 as a referral bonus. That’s how easy it is. Now, play your heart’s content, hit a “sixer” and make money.


So, as you can see earning real money cannot be easier than this! I mean, we all can earn good money at a simple click of our mouse button. Waste no more time, download the apps at Google store, start earning and click your way out!

Judhajeet Das

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and Co-own InMyPlanet Networks. Co-Founder, Tekh Decoded.

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