How to download any TikTok video 2020 edition

Tiktok is the latest social media craze spreading across the world. With many celebrities now endorsing and using it, it is like to continue its growth. The social media app is known for it’s short and funny video clips. The app itself boasts tones of awesome functionality, allowing it’s users to make stunning videos directly within the app from their smartphone.

If you’re new to Tiktok then let me give you a quick rundown on its history.

Long before TikTok became popular, there was an app named Vine. You can think of Vine as Twitter for short video clips. On January 17th Vine was officially shutdown, which left lots of people looking for an alternative. Musically was one of the Vine competitors and somewhat took over as the successor to Vine. In 2018 the now popular Musically app was purchased by the Chinese Bytedance Technology Co and merged with another app to what is known today as TikTok.

The app is primarily used only on smartphones and tablets. However, there are third-party TikTok viewers available to give you a desktop experience without installing the software on your phone.

Enough with the history lesson. Let’s learn how to download videos on TikTok.

Unlike many other social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, TikTok allows it’s users to download videos from within their app. To accomplish this from within the app, you follow these few simple steps.

1. Start by tapping the share button in the bottom right corner of the video that you’d like to download.

2. From there, look for the “Save video” button, which will allow you to download and save the TikTok video to your device.

While this option works great, the only issue is that the version that you download from within the app will contain TikTok’s watermark. This is somewhat annoying if you want to publish the video on say, Instagram. I, for one, have posted a few videos on my Instagram entertainment page and didn’t want the TikTok watermark on the video for obvious reasons. If you want an easy way to boost free Instagram followers, you can check GeInsta to get real followers and likes:

Thankfully there are a few options for downloading TikTok videos without watermarks. For me the best solution I’ve found is the TikTok video downloader found at This app is super straight forward to use and works without the need to install any third-party software. It also appears that the site has no annoying ads at this time, which is a big plus for me; I’m not too fond of ads.

To use this website, simply paste the link to the TikTok video that you’d like to download in the box on the homepage and click the “Get Video” button. Wait while the video download links are generated and click the video version that you’d like to save to your device. The website will generate three download options. One watermarked video, one video without a watermark, and also an mp3 audio file.

Downloading TikTok videos isn’t hard. By following the two methods detailed in the article, you can download any TikTok video that you want. If you have any suggestions or feedback, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Bibhuranjan Nath

Bibhuranjan is the Chief Editorial Officer at Techno FAQ digital media and its subsidiary TekhDecoded. He is a tech journalist, avid gaming fanatic and loves all things tech, science and DIY. Follow him on Twitter.

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