5 Tips to Buying Products for 3D Printing

There are a variety of 3D printers available on the market with wide-ranging specifications. Choosing the right product can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision regarding your 3D printing needs:

1. 3D Printing Filaments

Before making your buying decision, it is essential to find out the types of materials your printer is compatible with. Most of the 3D printers use two major types of filaments. They are either ABS or PLA plastic.

However, it should not be assumed that this the case with all types of 3D printers. Some models support varied options and allow for the use of metal, wood, among other printing materials. Make sure that you check out a wide range of options before making the ultimate decision. Seeing that the 3D technology is just catching up, you want to go for the best filament store to ascertain that whatever you purchase is fully compatible with your 3D printer.

2. Cost

Pricing plays a key role in any buying decision, and 3D printers are no exception. The market price of the 3D printer products largely depends on the quality of the output. Everybody wants high-quality stuff, but such desires only come with high costs. The costs of 3D printers can be as high as $2000 depending on its quality. However, if you are looking to test the waters, then it would be ideal to opt for quality 3D printers below $100.

3. Software

Is the chosen software easy to use? Unless you are a real professional or a technician, it is advisable to go for easy to use the software. Most of the 3D printers are tailored to align with the needs of DIY hobbyists. Such individuals desire to dig around software and hardware as well as modifying their printers to understand how it works fully. More complex 3D printers give users more control, allowing one to make fine adjustments before the final product is created. However, the underlying factor is that you should consider settling for what suits you best.

4. Safety

Your 3D printer is always going to emit heat. This only translates to one thing; safety is just as important as anything else. It is necessary to see to it that all the precautions have been considered and that your working environment and tools are completely safe. Modern manufacturers have tried to combat this by including enclosures within the printing area. This region can get extremely hot when you are using the printer. However, some models may lack this type of protection. You may not be well conversant with your 3D printer functionality. Also, the printer may be majorly used by children. Therefore, it would be wise to select a printer with an enclosed printing area.

5. Size of the Print Bed

The size of the print is a direct indication of how bigger your prints can be and the bigger the bed, the larger the prints. Printing can be a cumbersome and time-consuming so the more you can do at a time, the better.

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