OnePlus 2 Mini Specifications Leaked!

Thanks to the details that are now public due to TENAA certifying OnePlus’ upcoming phone and revealing most of the specifications of this new device, we know a lot more than we did before.

This new phone is rumored to be the OnePlus 2 Mini, a smaller variant of their current flagship device which came out last August. With a model number of E1000, this new phone is smaller than the OnePlus 2 but with the definition of what constitutes a small phone changing every year, even this “Mini” model has a screen size of 4.99 inches with a width of 6.9 mm at its thickest point. Unlike other manufacturers that shortchange the smaller variants of their flagship, the OnePlus 2 Mini apparently sports a full HD display and comes with 3 GB of RAM and expandable storage support, all of this powered by the Snapdragon 810. The phone is also said to sport a 13 megapixels primary camera and an 8 megapixels secondary camera.

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Of course, there is no information yet on what this phone will cost (knowing OnePlus, not much) and when it will release. OnePlus will inevitably start building up their trademarked hype which will give us what few details we’re currently missing.


It is heartening to see that as big as small phones have become, there are still people making them which is good news for all those people missing the good old times when you could use your phone with a single hand. Even more heartening is the fact that this phone doesn’t offer a watered down experience of its flagship sibling unlike certain other “Mini” phones.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments. We personally think that OnePlus 2 mini will be something greatly interesting! And, maybe we can see it by next MWC(2016)! Be sure you let us know what you think below!

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