Amd Ryzen CPUs now take 50% share of the premium CPU market

Ryzen's 3000 and 2000 CPUs have a strong demand. By 2025, AMD should have a clear majority over Intel in the CPU department.

Ever since the launch of the new Ryzen CPUs, Amd has been gaining market share from Intel ever since. In the latest earnings report, CEO Dr. Lisa Su said that this was going on for 10 quarters in a row! AMD now registered over 50 percent of premium processor sales from most of the top global etailers for around 10 quarters in a row, and they’ve been dominating the charts thanks to their amazing performance, low power consumption and competitive prices.


Third Gen Ryzen


AMD topped the premium charts globally

It’s no surprise that AMD has wiped Intel CPUs off the shelf oh many major retailers ever since they launched their third generation Ryzen CPUs. AMDs Ryzen CPUs are not just topping the charts, but even registering over 90% of the total CPU sales at major retailers.

In desktop, overall demand for our latest Ryzen 3000 and prior generation Ryzen 2000 processor families was strong, both of which continue to top retailer best seller lists and have more than 50% share of premium processor sales at many top global e-tailers. at AMD’s Q1 2020 Earnings Call Transcript at The Motley Fool

All of AMD’s CPUs get some great deals, and huge discounts, especially on the Ryzen 2000 series processors, as AMD is clearing old inventory. Now that the Ryzen 4000 series are arriving soon, we should see some major discounts on the current Ryzen 3000 processors. AMD’s 2000 lineup is still great against many of Intel’s offerings.


AMD CPU sales rising in Europe

The European Hardware Association has said that over 60% of tech enthusiasts are now running an AMD chip inside their rigs, which is a huge leap compared to a few years ago when Intel was dominating the sector. While majority have taken AMD’s CPUs, they have paired it mainly with Nvidia GPUs(Graphics processing unit aka graphics card) instead. This is due to Nvidia having more power efficient and high performing graphics cards compared to AMD’s current offerings. Maybe after a couple of years, AMD will try taking Nvidia head on in the high end and midrange graphics cards segment, which could be a boon for AMD altogether, and users will pair a high end AMD CPU with a high end AMD GPU, and AMD will even eat up into Nvidia’s market share.



MindFactory, Germany’s largest retail store reports excellent sales figures

MindFactory, the largest German technology retailer has sold over 50k 6-core Ryzen 5 3600 CPUs ever since AMD launched it. MindFactory reported strong overall sales for all of AMD’s CPU line-up ever since AMD launched their third generation Ryzen CPUs.



Looking at the statistics of Reddit user Ingebor, AMD CPUs had posted a staggering 91% sales and 86% revenue whereas Intel reported 9% sales and 14% revenue for the month of April.


Mindfactory Report Apr 2020

CPUbenchmark results

Finally, the results from CPUbenchmark which shows the total number of CPUs across the world, shows how AMD is slowly levelling the graphs, making a 50-50 market share, and could soon overtake Intel in total number of CPUs. A 50-50 market share would mean a giant leap for AMD ever since they started their Ryzen CPUs in 2017.

As Zen3 Ryzen 4000 CPUs launch this year, we should see AMD gaining some crazy amount of market share, and eating heavily into Intel’s profits. This would trigger a revolution in the CPU market, and AMD will finally have a majority, with their CPUs catering to all types of users, from very low budget(less than $100) to high end flagship for gamers, and content producers alike.

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