Android Oreo will have System-wide Theme support without root within a week!

Android Oreo just dropped in few days back and Android fans have already started going crazy about it. Though Oreo doesn’t really have huge changes but a few notable upgrades here and there. But.. This might be the best Android Oreo feature and can actually be the center of attraction! It will have system-wide custom theme support without root access! Hell Impressive!

So actually the Substratum theme framework now supports system-wide themes which don’t require root on any device running Android 8.0 Oreo. The developers behind the solution have started working on support for the latest major iteration of Google’s mobile operating system as early as March, and the upcoming feature is meant to be the pinnacle of their latest efforts, allowing users to theme their operating system without rooting their devices. The achievement can largely be attributed to Sony’s Runtime Resource Overlay (RRO) that eventually grew into the Overlay Manager Service (OMS), a software solution which powers Substratum!

So with this mission, Sony’s theme engine was accepted into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) earlier this year, which immediately prompted speculation that system-wide themes will be compatible without rooting a device powered by Android 8.0 Oreo.

Android Oreo

For your help, we give you an idea of just how incredible of a development this is, consider that the following will now be possible without root:

  • Theming of the Android Framework and Android System UI, as well as any other system applications. (A lot of you are going to love having a dark theme available, finally!)
  • Theming of any third-party application
  • Custom fonts for third-party applications
  • Many other modifications such as a status bar center-clock mod

This can be a gamechanger for the flashoholics! In short, their will be no risk of bricking your device if the software isn’t easy to unlock, no voiding of warranties and what not! Let us know in the comment sections below what you think!

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