Samsung Galaxy X: A Foldable Flagship for 2017!

Foldable phones have long been some of the most popular concept phones and if rumors from China turn out to be true then we might see one in the market as soon as next year: the Samsung Galaxy X .

As even casual fans know, Samsung has perhaps the largest amount of flagship devices in the market every year. Apart from its S and Note range, both phones have an Edge sibling. Adding another phone to this lineup would mean a total 5 flagship devices in a market that’s already packed with flagships. This however isn’t going to be just another phone. The rumored Galaxy X will come with a 4K screen and will be foldable, like a wallet. The rumors also mention that the screen will have a diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement though I doubt anybody will notice anything (even the 4K screen) when there is foldable display to behold.

Galaxy X
The Chinese Tweet about the Device! 😀

It’s no secret that Samsung has long been interested in building a foldable phone. What remains to be seen is if this is the year that actually sees the release of one. What are your thoughts on this? This could be just the thing to revitalise the smartphone industry.

We are really excited about this new phone with such high-end specs and also because of the name! Let us know what is your say on this in the comments down below! 😀

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