Apple Watch 2 In-Depth Review!

Apple Watch 2 has come into the limelight at the latest launch of Iphone 7 and Iphone 7s event, and although this does not sound as a surprise, as most of the rumors were already there before the launch of the Apple Watch 2. It has been observed that the drawbacks in the Apple watch have been eliminated with minute precision and redefined for higher performance. Here is what is new and definitely the most impressive about the Apple Watch 2. Read On…

A Brighter Screen

The previous Apple Watch was unable to show me any kind of stats in broad daylight. The screen brightness was pathetic as it had nothing to match up for the daylight situation. However Apple Watch 2 has definitely overcome this particular problem. Now, when I turn to look at this watch, it gives a fair level of screen brightness especially in mid-day light. Hence, the screen performance has definitely improved.

GPS Tracking

The Apple Watch 2 now has independent GPS tracking facilities. It has improved location tracking features, quite a positive point considering my jogging routines. It automatically detects when the Iphone is not around and immediately activates the GPS signal. The watch is intelligent enough to decide the applicability of its various features. So, if I go on my usual fitness routines, I don’t have to lug along my Iphone with me. Hence, it sounds totally great!

Looks Sexy AF!
Looks Sexy AF!

Better Battery Life

The Apple people guaranteed that there is a significant 50 percent increase in the total battery life of the Apple Watch 2. I am now wearing a 42 mm stainless steel Series 2 model. It doesn’t seem any better than the 38 mm models. Falls short on this aspect!

Water Resistant

For keen swimmers, well this is good news! The watch is water resistant up to a predefined depth of 50 meters. It also has redefined speakers which ejects out any traces of water inside the watch. So next time when I jump into a pool along with the watch, I don’t have to worry about the damage I am going to cause, at least for a 50 meter depth!

Apple Watch 2

New Look

Well, keeping aside the apple watch which was 38mm, the series 2 comes in 42mm with ceramic touch which is believed to be highly scratch resistant and better insulation against potential damage. The design is almost the same, with just a millimeter thickness in the latter. It also comes along with a fluoro-elastomer band and in fact, feels lighter than the previous version which was packed with standards watch design material like aluminum and steel.

The Overall Impression

The Apple Watch 2 seems to offer a better brightness of the Screen. However, one cannot deny the fact that a brighter screen will actually imply a shorter battery life, which is actually the case. The accuracy of fitness tracker solutions like calorie Counting may become obscure when in water while swimming. Its ceramic built is lighter and looks stylish and more sophisticated. Comparatively, this is better than the previous series which is almost priced at the same level. The wait for Apple Watch Series 3 (if any) is on and let us see what new Apple stands to bring to us. On the whole, the Apple Watch 2 is totally impressive and worth every penny!!

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