Auto Call Recorder - Record Calls and never miss a task said on a call:

Making calls and receiving them while on the go has become an integral part of our daily lives. Some of the hectic workers put their phones on auto call receiving option where they have their microphones and headset connected that lets them communicate nonstop. Whether a sales personnel or a food restaurant, the receiver must serve the caller and satisfy their needs accordingly. However, in many cases, we realize that signals aren’t proper which makes it hard for us to understand what exactly is being said to us. Hence, if we are not sure what we’re told to do, we may face serious consequences as the customer might get offended considering they are not being given importance where you are trying your level best.

However, it is hard to please the masses as that is only possible when you part of a circus and not living a real life. But what you can do is make arrangements as a backup when things go out of control. For example, you can use certain apps or software(s) that let you record calls and hear them out again if you’ve forgotten what you were told to do. No need to press the panic button on not hearing the message as directed as nobody is perfect but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer.

To help our readers we have  analyzed an app for Android users known as ‘Auto Call Recorder’ that lets you record calls automatically and move them inbox>storage>permanent storage. The best thing about this app is that you can you can recover all previously deleted recorded calls even if you accidentally delete this app.


Some of the features are as follows:


Auto call recording:

All incoming and outgoing calls would be automatically saved in the ‘storage’.

Auto encryption of recordings:

All the recordings would be encrypted automatically when transferred from ‘storage’ to ‘inbox’.

Backup on the cloud of recordings:

Uploading call recordings to the cloud for better security and accessibility is an option made available.

Recover data (if lost):

You can recover the data in case if you lose delete the app deliberately or by mistake.

Make a list of ignored contacts:

Those callers in whom you aren’t interested in recording their conversations, simply put them in the ignore list.

Option of dialogue box before call:

If you are not interested in recording every call, you can enable the feature of dialogue box. Doing so would enable you select which calls you want to record.

Auto Call recorder app for android


Data recovery: recover data even if you lose the app.

Quick and steadfast: within few minutes we were able to test all the features.


Graphics of the app: we didn’t liked the User Interface as it has too ‘red’ in it.

User friendly: not much, takes a bit time if you’re new.

In a nutshell:

The app however did what it promised but we personally didn’t liked their interface as it was hard to adjust to. Overall, this app’s features were well to the mark and there wasn’t anything to complain about except what has already been written above.

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