U.S Develops a Computer Program which can read your Brain!

Computer Science is getting better and better everyday and its actually impossible to stop the development of it anyhow due to its Rapid growth! But, creating something which can say what we are thinking is something jaw dropping. So, Researchers can predict what people are seeing based on the electrical signals coming from electrodes implanted in their brain, and this decoding happens within milliseconds of someone first seeing the image, the scientists found. Man! *-*

Though, This program requires electrodes to be implanted in the mind of the subject. Based on the chemical changes that thoughts lead to, these electrodes would convey electrical signs which can then be read to decipher a person’s thoughts. The entire decoding process takes no more than a few milliseconds after an image is seen by the subject. Hoping it doesn’t messes with your body anyhow!

“Clinically, You Could Think Of Our Result As A Proof Of Concept Toward Building A Communication Mechanism For Patients Who Are Paralyzed Or Have Had A Stroke And Are Completely Locked In,”Says Rajesh Rao, A Neuro-Scientist At The University Of Washington.

At the same time, the electrodes were hooked up to a powerful computer program that analyzed brain signals 1,000 times a second, determining what brain signals looked like when someone was viewing a house versus a face. For the first two-thirds of the images, the computer program got a label, essentially telling it, “This is what brain signals look like when someone views a house.” For the remaining one-third of the pictures, the computer was able to predict, with 96 percent accuracy, what the person actually saw, the researchers reported Jan. 21 in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. What’s more, the computer accomplished this task within 20 milliseconds of the instant the person looked at the object.


So, Any development in communication of this kind between a human and a machine is a huge leap -it could be of immense use for people who cannot speak or have any kind of trouble conveying their thoughts. This specific program, however, is not the first of its kind. There have been similar developments in the past where researchers recorded brain waves of viewers in the form of movie clips people were watching at the time.

So, What are you thinking? We can’t say right now but in future we guess we can 🙂 As of now you can simply let us know your thoughts on this through commenting below right down on the comment sections! 😉

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