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Apple A14 Bionic is set to destroy the competition, even dwarfing their previous chip A13 Bionic

40% CPU boost, and 50% GPU boost from the A13 Bionic

Apple’s latest chip built on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(TSMC’s) 5nm node has given the A14 Bionic a significant boost in performance on both the CPU as well as GPU side. Taking a look at the A13 Bionic, even Qualcomm’s best chipset currently available, the Snapdragon 865+ is dwarfed by the A13 Bionic. The Snapdragon 865+ has 10% better performance than the 865, but it’s nothing compared to the A13 Bionic, let alone the A14 Bionic.

A14 Bionic will be on TSMC’s 5nm process node

TSMC’s latest, and highly energy efficient 5nm process node has made huge leaps in performance as well as efficiency. Chipsets can now be overclocked past 3GHz and above, with ease. Thus the 40% CPU and 50% GPU boost is justified.

A regular tech leaker on twitter, going by the name of Komiya leaked the performance improvement values. Unfortunately, there’s no data on how many performance and efficiency cores are present in the chipset.

Unfortunately, Komiya didn’t quote where they got their source from. It could be an insider source, so it’s worth taking these claims with a degree of scepticism. But such a performance boost could be possible considering that Apple is moving from 7nm to 5nm.

In a previous leak by WCCFTech, The A14 had a 15% improvement over the A12X Bionic. The A14 was also the first Apple chipset to run a clock of 3GHz and above.

TSMC’s 5nm technology is around 15 percent faster and 30 percent more efficient when compared to the 7nm node on which the A13 Bionic is built. The current flagship chip already has an edge over the Snapdragon 865 that powers Android flagships. Looking at the latest leak as well as benchmark scores, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple maintained its lead.

So, September is just around the corner, and we would finally see the unveiling of the iPhone 12 line-ups and their launch soon after.

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