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CounterStrike 1.6 Now on Android

Are you a CounterStrike fan ? Then this post is for you . Alibek Omarov an artful developer has successfully ported the Original CounterStrike v1.6 to Android apparently running smoothly.Though the game wont be officially supported by Steam since it’s just a port to the Android OS ,  if things get weird and jittery you possibly won’t get any help in patching it up.That being said you have got to hand it over to the guy for successfully porting it one-handedly.


He posted the game on GitHub and you can head over there to get it yourself.You will have to add the game to your Steam account as it requires some files contained therein.For the rest of the required files GitHub is where you want to be :).

If the touch controls on the game aren’t right for you or you’re facing any difficulty you can of course plug-in a compatible controller using the USB and enjoy the game in all its nostalgic glory.This will also not be the first time that an age-old game is being ported to run on latest hardware and software , a good example will be that of the updated Game-boy capable of running emulated games via a Raspberry Pi.

Here’s a Video uploaded from a fellow youtuber regarding the gameplay on Android.

Is there any reason why many developers are reaching out to the past in terms of classic games , do let us know what you’d like to see implemented !


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