What is Gmail? -Explaining Once Again!


Gmail is the most used free email service provider in today’s world which was developed by Google, Gmail is being used by everyone across the world in different platforms like Android, iOS and other existing operating systems. Now Google developers are working on the Inbox app. Gmail is the most secure service provider which recently launched inbox app, which is helping the customers to provide complete access to their Gmail account with 24/7 support, when compared to the other email service providers which are competing with Gmail. Now Gmail is offering 15 GB of free data storage for new customers based on the priority of the user one can easily upgrade their features to 30 Terabytes after paying few bugs to Google. users can easily save the data or information which are stored in their inbox with the help of Gmail drive, Just you need to enable the Gmail inbox, Gmail recently made ‘Undo Send feature’ which is quiet helpful for the new users of Gmail. It is very simple to enable on the inbox, Gmail made it handy after adding the feature in the inbox itself.

Google developers also made APK file whose size is around 17.76 MB, It can be easily installed over Android, iOS and on of the operating systems. Users are increasing day by day, Gmail is also providing an email like which can be used to interact with the people in a professional way. Gmail also added sync feature which will be further used to sync the data into other Smartphone while they are going to customize it. Gmail can be easily customized based on the users interest, Gmail account is all set to provide the best to its users always on any of the platforms just after subscribing to its services.


If you are having more than one account still you can manage your websites sitting one place after accessing the Gmail contacts Synchronization which are available in all the platforms like Android, iOS. It is pretty easy to add new contacts in Gmail, It is possible with Email, Google+, Gmail or Inbox app. Gmail account can be used in different places like Google drivesm Google Sheets and Google forums, YouTube videos. You can make video calls using Hangouts can connect to the customers with 10 friends at a time.

Gmail made user friendly platform for its users who are using it from long time. Most of the people will be using more than two accounts at a time, For different purposes so it will be differed from person to person.

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1 Comment

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